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Part of my job here at intern hell (which I must tell you, faithful readers, ends next Friday. Aaron will be down to celebrate, and hopefully Pushee too. Perhaps an impromptu trip to Wonderland should be arranged) is to fact check dozens of useless articles that fill the rags pages.

Don't get me wrong, there are several aspects of this paper that I like. One or two of the staff have been nothing but friendly and kind and part of me will miss the consistency of coming into work every day with a list of things to do.

Another part of me could give less than a shit.

It becomes quickly apparent when you fit into a place and when you don't. I'm forever on the fringe of things... bobbing and weaving, sticking and jabbing, to a result I don't even know is clear. I'm sure I'll get strong references, but the need for coin and a home is driving me away sooner than I'd really like.

There are other things to do. I'm planning on taking over the world, starting my own publication, and writing several stories in addition to the massive task of job hunting. No worries, I'll still have time to be lazy and depressed I'm sure.

If I can, I'll make treks around to visit friends and family. My mom quite correctly pointed out today that we hadn't seen as much of each other as possible. The only consolation I can offer is that it's far more frequent for me to talk to her and see her than any of my other relations. After all, I'd only gotten back to Guelph to see my Dad back in May after a five-month hiatus.

There's much room for improvement. Part of it was just the huge amount of time school and internships were taking, not to mention the quick pace at which life in Toronto seems to move. I feel as though I barely have time for myself much less anyone else and this includes Catherine.

Maybe I'm just getting old.

Certainly I'm getting odd.
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