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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI have a weakness for Powerade beverages. I don't know why. Maybe it's because it reminds me of the youthful bliss that was Kool Aid, or maybe it's because drinking any kind of pop gives me acid indigestion.

That's what I'm drinking now to try and steady my tired nerves. The semester is winding down, but I'm just gearing up. I gave my second professional development workshop to teachers on internet use and now I'm planning to bring MacHomer to the school. This means filling an auditorium of 500 seats, collecting money, stage set up, and all sorts of other things I inadvertently volunteered to do when I said "Hey, have you seen this show?"


It keeps me busier than I'd like at a time when I have no energy left. Nic and a few others can understand the insane workload that goes into this job, but for those who don't experience it and scoff while mentioning summers off... bite me.

In other news, I didn't get surplussed at my school, meaning that they intend to keep me there next year as well. Seeing as how I don't want this to happen, I'm not happy. The irony is not lost on me since I fought like hell to stay in two schools I loved and now a school I don't like has sunk its teeth into my ass.

At least I'm still good looking.
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSometimes I forget that I have this blog. Well, that's not entirely true as I remember it's here, but I forget what motivation it was that kept me working on it for so long in the past. I think it was the unending days of boredom at my last job that forced me into finding some kind of creative outlet. These days I have so many outlets that I pulled back from this one.

But you don't care about that, or if you do it's only to be polite. The stuff you MIGHT care about though... that I'll write about.

Married Life:
Once you're married, things don't really change. The thing that takes the most amount of effort to get over is the change of status. When it occurs to you that you now have a spouse, that knocks the wind out of you a little. The first time this happened to me was at the kick-ass wedding party when the bartender asked if I'd like my wife to join us in having a shot. At first I didn't know what he meant, but then I clued in: I'm MARRIED.

And it's good. Life, that is. We had a great honeymoon in Cuba followed by a terrible time adjusting to going back to work. The honeymoon wasn't entirely smooth as we were trapped on an airplane for 10 hours and delayed by a day, but once you're there and enjoying a beach things get much more relaxing.

The Job:

It is both wonderful and awful. It's amazing when you make a difference and you never really feel as though you have wasted your day. Things go wrong, more often than not, and you're never short of stress but there's always something positive to push you in the right direction.

That's not to say I'm happy yet because that will still take a while. I'm not sure I'm at the right school for me and I'm going to explore the possibility of changing that aspect of my work. First year is often described as being pure hell and I'm pleased to say that it isn't PURE hell, just hell of a sort. The workload is never ending and I'm not sure I'll ever feel as though I can relax. Even now I'm thinking about work.

Other stuff:
My father is moving on with his life. Sadly, his relationship didn't work out the way he'd hoped and he's sold the house in Guelph and will be taking up residence in a new bachelor pad. I'm heading down there in a couple of weeks to help him settle in and to put my stamp on the place, but I can't help but worry. I love my father very much and seeing anyone go through the sad reality of a breakup isn't good, but this is my dad. I want to help him any way I can.

Truffle is still happy and warbling. She eats her treats, gets her time in the sun, and is generally very happy.

Movie season is almost here and I'm going to see Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Wall*E, and a few others for sure.

Television season is on the rebound and I'm happy to see The Office and Battlestar Galactica once again.

I have become a rock legend, at least in Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

More stuff happened, I'm sure.
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