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It's been a bit more than a year since I put down anything on this blog. When I first started working on this thing it felt like a revelation... a place to explore anything and everything. Really, what it mostly did was function as a distraction from a dead-end job. Then Facebook came along and killed my desire to write here, much the same way television killed the radio star. The really amusing part of this is that I climbed a blog pulpit in my teaching career and got a ton of teachers turned on to it only to drop it once I'd finished bragging about it.

My blog use continues in a weekly fashion now mainly out of an obligation to see it through. Obviously that work isn't here, but at school. Each week I tell my students roughly what I have planned and let them ask me questions. But the pride in delivering new tech to the masses has lost its vigour. Now it's a chore.

I worry that this is a symptom of the text-generation. Everything must be written more quickly, meaning conveyed in a flurry of twitter-ific quotes and pithy Facebook updates. No one wants to sit down anymore and have a genuine conversation, me included.

The worst part is that I know it's wrong but I can't stop doing it. When did I become so wrapped up in the day-to-day operations of my life that I stopped dropping a note about what I was doing? Hell, even that can't be called genuine communication since it's all one-way.


Anyway, I suppose all of that is just a weak explanation for why I don't work on my blog anymore. I'd like to add more depth and imagination to the story, but I can't. Instead, I focus on my wife, my second year in my new home (which is amazing) and attempting to raise a small pup named Toby who insists on stealing shoes and underwear whenever he can. Otherwise, he engages in passive resistance (as seen below).

Can I complain? No, not really. I'm in my third year of teaching and more successful at it than I expected to be. I still figure the rug will get pulled out from under my feet at any moment, but I'm slowly settling into my existence. My greatest fear these days is that I will become bored or unsatisfied with what I'm doing and risk having it all go away.

Can't really do that, though, can I? I have a mortgage after all.

Until then, I still function. My Xbox doesn't, though. It RROD'd last night and I have to drag it across the city to get it going again. Bah, I say to that. BAH.

At least I finally sent off our new laptop to get repaired. That only took me three months. Lightning quick if you compare it to my blog post entry speed. I wonder when the next one will be? Maybe if I get Catherine pregnant I will decide to write once again.
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