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Catherine (whom I'm sure is loving that her picture is on my blog), my mom's dog, Jake, and me after decorating my mom's tree a few weeks ago. Happy Holidays! Posted by Hello
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To one and all. I hope everyone has the Christmas holidays that they deserve.

I got to spend some time with Aaron tonight, which was sorely needed after my weak of bachelorhood. Let me tell you, Catherine is in for lots of hugs when I see her on Saturday. The little one, too.

I'm off first thing tomorrow to my mom's in Bolton, and then Saturday I'll be in Brantford with Catherine and her family. Sunday, I'm off to my Dad's to see him, my brother, the nieces and nephew, as well as my Uncle Brian. Monday I'll be back in Brantford, and likely heading back to Toronto.

I do this every year.

At least my mom helps out with the use of her car. That in itself is a great gift, otherwise I'd have to pick and choose which family to spend time with, and I don't want to do that.

I'm looking forward to the break. Despite the fact that I don't have a job, I could really use some down time.

At any rate, I hope to see Chris and perhaps Brody on my return to Guelph... as for the rest of you, I hope you have a brilliant Christmas.

Does anyone have any plans at all for New Year's? Somehow, I always seem to forget this occurs a week afterwards.

Must be all the eggnog.

Mmmmmm.... eggnog. Send some if you can.
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Above: Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire comes out in 2005... right in time for the release of book six on July 16: Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince (see below). Posted by Hello
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Gets its official release date: July 16, 2005! For those of you who have never bothered to read this series, you're really missing out. Despite being labelled as a children's book, it's some of the most clever and imaginative work I've ever read.

Other that that, there isn't much news to report. I picked up series 8 of those Marvel Legend figures I'm obsessed with collecting. I've now added Doc Ock, modern armour Iron Man, Iceman and Storm to my figure collection. I've got to get ahold of myself.

Catherine left me. And she took Truffle. That's new.

Before you panic and start in surprise, she's just gone home for the holidays. She'll be back soon enough. In fact, when I see her on Saturday for Christmas, I may just scoop her up and carry her back home. Her and the little one.

It's a terrible thing, to live alone. Coming back to the apartment without the love of my life and my little degu was horrible. Not that I can't be alone for a little while, but I keep trying to talk to Truffle, only she isn't there. I keep waiting for Catherine to come home from some imagined trip to the store, but she isn't coming back.

Keep that bed warm without her isn't the same. It's funny when you realize how much simple joy you take out of another persons love and company, and how hard it is to go without it for even a day.

It may not sound like it, but I love it when she goes away for a short time. Nothing gets my heart going more than missing her and nothing feels so good as holding her in my arms again after a long time apart.

Of course, five minutes later I'll ignore her and play video games.

Well, maybe not.
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Maybe it's just me, but I happen to love the idiotic double-meanings that some signs can take. What I love even more is that someone approved the signs in the first place. Maybe it's sort of an evil pride that I take in loving the dumb things people do and say.

• No children allowed
—Florida maternity ward

• Our motto is to give our customers the lowest possible prices and workmanship
—Maine shop

• Persons are prohibited from picking flowers from any but their own graves
—Pennsylvania cemetery

• Ask about our plans for owning your home
—loan company office

• Best place to take a leak
—radiator-repair garage
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Though my job has its interesting points, it is by and large a study of the bizarre, unusual, and the people that come to identifiy with these two words.

Most of my work involves answering the phone and doing summaries for my friend who has kindly provided me with work during the holiday season, but I must admit that it can be quite boring as well. Some of the jargon I encounter is simply stunning:

"Psychiatric and Neuropsychological Findings After Stereotactic Hypothalamotomy, in Cases of Extreme Sexual Aggressivity" is the title of just one of the articles I'm researching. If you can understand half of it, you're on the same page as I am and it reads like this: HUH?

It's all good, though.

Jeromy has requested that I speak my mind on the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King extended edition DVD which I picked up on Tuesday. This I will say: it looks brilliant next to the first two parts on the shelf.

As for the film, I haven't managed to get through the four and a half hours and change that the movie is made up of. I'm just shy of the 2 hour mark and I must say, that like the first two parts, it's brilliant.

I will mention, however, that while I'm thrilled for any and all extra parts thrown into the package, so far I haven't encountered many new scenes that completely redefined the viewing experience the way it worked with the first two films. Perhaps it's because this movie was already incredibly long. The Voice of Saruman scene at the beginning, however, is priceless and I can't understand why this was left out. It's creepy and shocking and just darn cool.

In a short time, Catherine is heading out to pick up a portable DVD player for me. She's not buying it herself, per se, but rather my Dad has given me a lovley cash Christmas gift and this is the item I've chosen to pick up. Some would pick a PS2 or Xbox, but I don't play enough games to justify that. What I do in spades, however, is watch movies, and I would love something to enjoy during commutes and other long trips. Heck, I have a couple of hour long train rides coming up this weekend as well as a boatload of travelling next week. I'm looking forward to this little item, to be sure.

Now I actually want a decent commute so I can watch movies and tv episodes. How sad.

I'm almost done my shopping for this year and it's cost me, on average, about what it normally does. In the $350 range. Thank god I had enough work from various sources to offset this cost, not to mention allow me to pay rent, so I can't complain. I may even head out to buy some new Marvel Legends figures this afternoon.

And then... nothing for a good long time. Between my birthday, Christmas, and my own pocket change I think I've been more than spoiled enough this month. Shockingly so, I think. This kind of makes up for the past four months where I had to scrimp, save, and count pennies before buying a donut. Crazy.

I really should be working.

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The Myth: A penny is made of copper.

The Fact: Pennies minted after 1982 are 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper.

The Myth: Dogs sweat through their panting tongues.

The Fact: Panting may help them cool off, but they sweat through their feet.

The Myth: Your nails continue to grow after you die.

The Fact: They don’t. Your tissue recedes from your nails, making them appear longer.


I just have to say that useless trivia is quite entertaining when you get right now to it but it is a pleasant diversion. That, and neither Jer nor Aaron post this sort of thing. They seem to be on the same page much of the time, so just going to one blog usually catches me up on the kinds of rants they're experiencing at home.

Just kidding. I might go over to see Aaron shortly. Apparently he's recovering from last night and awaiting Jer's return from a Christmas party.

I smell fun!

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Here are some real (no kidding) albums:

Music to Light Your Pilot By, from the Heil-Quaker Corporation (a heater and air-conditioner manufacturer)

Where Are the Dead?

The Addicts Sing

Music to Be Murdered By (from Alfred Hitchcock)

Songs for Gay Dogs

Christmas with Colonel Sanders
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It's times like this that it occurs to me that I was lied to by the admissions packages that Humber College sent out on a regular basis. They didn't straight out lie by claiming that each and every one of us would be safe and secure with a job before we even graduated, but it was strongly implied.

I can't deny that many people did "job out" and more have since found their jobs. It doesn't keep me from becoming increasingly frustrated that with my skill, experience and desire to get going that it doesn't seem to amount to much of anything at the moment.

That said, at least I have three jobs to keep me afloat. It ticks me off to do it, but I could be in much worse straights given that I know several people with nothing at all. Right now I have contract work with my friend Julian in his office until the 23rd. That means lots of money that I need. More importantly, it means I can pay rent.

And that's a good thing. I'm sure Catherine would agree.

But she's just happy with Mario Party 6 right now. We picked it up last night and have been having a blast. Too bad I have to split it between Metroid Prime 2 right now, which I still haven't finished.

Not enough hours in the day.

So things are okay. Not brilliant, but okay. At least Christmas is going to go smoothly and really, what more do you need at this time of year?

Maybe a trip to Spain or something.
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My brother, Graydon, is celebrating his 37th (in a row?) birthday today. He's got three kids, a live-in girlfriend and a mortgage. I'd snicker but I'm sure my time is just around the corner. Then again, he does have a 16-year-old daughter and that DOES make me laugh.

In other related news, I was just rejected for job #6 or #7. I'm consistent at least.

All that stuff I wrote about last week about being happy no matter what gets just a little bit tougher on days like today, and it doesn't help that we have an unwanted guest in our apartment.

Last night for more than 2 hours, a psychotic evil mouse was heard chewing and scampering around the apartment. You wouldn't think it'd make much noise much less arouse any suspicion, but damn if it didn't keep Catherine and I awake all night. Then I got a call at 6:53am asking me to come in to teach. I've been a zombie all day.

I'll still go to karate tonight (though I won't enjoy it being so tired) and then hopefully Catherine and I will find something interesting to do. Season 5 of Angel just started on Space last night and we haven't seen it, so we eagerly await the next days' taped episode. I'd watch it when it came on, but Space, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to air the show at 1am every night.

Oh yeah, and I've bought 1 out of about 6 or 7 presents for people last night. Catherine's parents and her brother's present are out of the way. I have no clue what to get Catherine, an inkling for my mom, and clear ideas for my brother and a young man named Chris Vettoretto.

My brain is oozing out my ear.
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