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My brother, Graydon, is celebrating his 37th (in a row?) birthday today. He's got three kids, a live-in girlfriend and a mortgage. I'd snicker but I'm sure my time is just around the corner. Then again, he does have a 16-year-old daughter and that DOES make me laugh.

In other related news, I was just rejected for job #6 or #7. I'm consistent at least.

All that stuff I wrote about last week about being happy no matter what gets just a little bit tougher on days like today, and it doesn't help that we have an unwanted guest in our apartment.

Last night for more than 2 hours, a psychotic evil mouse was heard chewing and scampering around the apartment. You wouldn't think it'd make much noise much less arouse any suspicion, but damn if it didn't keep Catherine and I awake all night. Then I got a call at 6:53am asking me to come in to teach. I've been a zombie all day.

I'll still go to karate tonight (though I won't enjoy it being so tired) and then hopefully Catherine and I will find something interesting to do. Season 5 of Angel just started on Space last night and we haven't seen it, so we eagerly await the next days' taped episode. I'd watch it when it came on, but Space, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to air the show at 1am every night.

Oh yeah, and I've bought 1 out of about 6 or 7 presents for people last night. Catherine's parents and her brother's present are out of the way. I have no clue what to get Catherine, an inkling for my mom, and clear ideas for my brother and a young man named Chris Vettoretto.

My brain is oozing out my ear.
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