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I seem to go through a lot of those when trying to blog some days. It's been a week since the last time I posted, which means I had to have gotten rejected for at least one more job, but as it was my birthday last week that also means I had a lot of cake.

The universe has a quirky way of evening things out.

Catherine and I spent most of the weekend at my mom's house where we prepped her basement (our old apartment) for Christmas. It looks pretty good if I say so myself. Not wanting to stop there, when we got home Catherine and put up our tree and a nice bit of lights in the window. So far as I can tell, we're one of three people in the visible neighbourhood with lights up already.

Some might say that it's too early for Christmas decorations but the malls have us beat by nearly a month. I just didn't see the wisdom in putting up a tree a week or two before Christmas only to pull it down soon after. Besides, seeing it up gives me nice feelings and I'd like to keep those as long as possible.

Other than that, I've been called in to teach at my uncle's school two more times. I was really paranoid about this at first because my previous experience teaching there had been horrible, including an hour and a half drive from Guelph. Taking the TTC for 50 minutes is much less stressful, and coincidentally the same amount of time it takes for me to get to Humber.

I'm doing what I can to have money for the upcoming holidays as well as to make sure I can make my monthly loan payments. They aren't astronomical at $150 a month, but when you already need a ton of money for other things it can put a bit of a pinch on things financially.

Who knows if I'll get a job in December... I'm betting on not as a lot of places won't be hiring/firing until the new year. That sucks for me in terms of getting my career started, but luckily I have a lot of friends that require my services in exchange for pieces of paper called money so I can't really complain.

Well, I can, but that doesn't help anything.

Other than the above, I've been trying to squeeze in as much time as possible for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, which Catherine bought me for my birthday. It's every bit as good as the first and perhaps a little bit better. It's going to be a good few months for me as a Nintendo fan... the new Mario Party is coming out, as is Resident Evil 4 and the new Mortal Kombat.

But first things first.... Christmas.

Cue tense music.
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