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This is from the Globe and Mail's Social Studies: "Of all the terrifying
circumstances to which one's home is vulnerable, nothing equals
that of a guest who stares straight at one's bookshelves," wrote Roger
Rosenblatt in Time magazine more than a decade ago. "It is when
those eyes stop moving that your heart, too, stops. The guest's body
twitches; his hand floats up to where his eyes have led it. There is
nothing to be done. You freeze. You hear the question even as it
forms: 'Would you mind if I borrowed this book? . . .'One has books;
one has friends; they are bound to meet."

I realize it's been more than a little while since I last posted but I have a REALLY good excuse: I'm lazy.

That's about it. Sometimes there's nothing one can do to become motivated to write endless pieces of drivel about their day, life, job or other circumstance.

For those of you who care, the new Fantastic Four trailer is out and I'm still uncertain what I think about it. Paul is falling on the cautious side while I'm sure that Jer already hates it even though I don't think he's seen it.

Aaron would just shrug. It's his way. Don't judge.
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Anything that, in happening, causes something else to happen, causes something else to happen.
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Anything that happens, happens.
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... or encouraged. Honestly, at this point I'm not sure which side of the fence I fall on.

For those of you in the dark, Lucas made an announcement today that for the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, the films would be released, one a year starting in 2007, in 3-D. This is a true story.

What's more interesting is that Peter Jackson has made comments about doing something similar with Lord of the Rings. What's more, apparently he's already done it with some of the footage.

Don't get me wrong, I'll be there front and center for all of this because I'm a consumer whore. It's just that Lucas and his madness of forty different versions must be stopped sooner or later. I'm told that in 2017, for the 40th Anniversary, there will be smell-o-vision and actual garbage will get dumped on us during the trash compactor scene.

Again, I'll likely be there.

It's too bad that these films need the size of the theatre to really work, though, as watching them on a TV at home will likely lose the effect. Unless you're Paul who owns a projector, and I'm assuming by the time the movies actually come out will have bought his own theatre.

Star Wars. In 3-D. Wild.
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I am not rich. I must stop acting as though I am.

I admit I've hit a bit of a spending streak lately that really must stop. I've managed to stop shy of getting carried away, though.

Part of it is due to finally getting a job. I bought a nice present for Catherine and picked up something for myself as well. Seemed only right. Then of course I had to pay for my karate grading, and I didn't realize I had to pay off that much on my credit card...

Then came a couple of games (board and video) that didn't cost that much individually, but they add up.

Not to stop there, I went and picked up the latest series of Marvel Legends figures today which included War Machine, Dr. Strange, Professor X, and Nightcrawler. I had no choice. Each figure comes with a piece of a giant figure, in this case Galactus, and I only need to secure one more to have the whole figure. The thing is a giant at 16".

Still, the cash ride is over for the moment. Everything is taken care of that needed it. Well, I suppose I didn't HAVE to buy season 4 of Buffy, but it was used (or sold as used... it was still in the original packaging)... and I guess I don't NEED to buy U2 tickets this Saturday... but I will. It's too bad I couldn't buy them closer to the actual concert date which is in September. Can I count them as a September purchase?

No worries as I do have the money for all this. I haven't gone nuts.

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• Chou Remains Cremated

New housing for elderly not yet dead



Federal Agents Raid Gun Shop, Find Weapons



• County Wants Money for Taking Dump
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Ah, that graceful Campbell style of eating... Rory Marie... 8 months old. Posted by Hello
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As per his chatterbox instructions, I gave Brody a call. He's up north at the moment (and has been for a year... or at least that's how long since he was last in Guelph), and doing just fine. He and Lisa are having a great time raising little 8-month old Rory Marie.

We've vowed to email each other much more often than the never it's been so far. I find it funny that we don't talk much as I still consider Brody to be one of my best friends. That's all fixed now, however, as he's sent the opening email to me and I've already applied.

As per my request, Brody has already fired off a group of pictures of his lovely daughter. The first thought I had was "she looks just like him" followed quickly by "that poor, hairy, baby."

I hope to see my friend again soon as it's been too long. Whenever I see Brody, things just seem to make sense again. It's probably just his open and honest nature and great sense of humor. He's just one of those guys that makes day-to-day life a bit more enjoyable.

It might be the beer.

Ah, if Brody was around, the video games we'd play would be endless. Poor Rory would be fatherless as her Dad would stumble home late at night with bloodshot eyes from staring at screens.

Not a bad life, if you ask me. And perhaps better than the day-to-day operations up at Pickle Lake. Brody, I salute you.
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This, one and all, has to be my personal record for the longest time in between blog entries. In fact, it would be longer, but I'm avoiding doing work on a Saturday at the moment.

It's been a while, so I'll bring you all up to speed: I have a job now at a company called First Media Group. This is not the glorious job I feel I was promised in the early days of my youth and in fact the job itself can be boring and repetitive. On the bright side, however, this is my first real annual salary kind of job and I'm not about to mess it up.

I'm a production artist there and I lay out ads for many major and minor papers around Canada. We'll be expanding our efforts to the States eventually, and I'm sure my head will explode. It's only been one week, but already I've stayed late on three of the four days I've worked.

Hopefully this extra effort will cease.

In other news, Marvel is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Age of Apocalypse. One of the best X-Men stories to have ever been produced, all the original books are going to be collected in four massive trade paperbacks. Like a good little boy, I'll likely buy all of them when they come out.

In addition, Marvel is producing a six-issue limited series and a one-shot. I have the first issues of both, and I must say I'm rather impressed. 10 years is a lot of time to lose the magic, but so far so good.

Also, this week saw the release of Ultimate Iron Man. Normally I wouldn't announce such a project, but this one happens to be written by my favorite author, Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game). It's being drawn by Andy Kubert (Origin), another favorite, and worth taking a look at. By taking a look I'm sure most of you will take this to mean it's okay to read my issue.

Catherine and I are shuffling along and doing well. She's just completed her Felicity collection on DVD and is busy trying to get me to cheer up about getting a job. You'd think I'd be celebrating, but somehow it feels like the end of all there is...

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