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TTCGenerally I have nothing but positive comments to make about the TTC. The service is quick, reliable, and many of the drivers I've encountered could pass for decent human beings, some might even say they're good people.

I don't begrudge them their wish of safety or their desire to better their jobs, but I question their wisdom of pulling that stupid strike on Monday and screwing over nearly a million people in the process. It's a way to get your point across, sure, but there are other ways to go about making a point.

It only requires that you show people the same respect you're complaining you don't get from them. A little warning and people could have otherwise arranged rides or transportation to work. For me, I was happy not to be able to get to work. I called in and was told not to worry about.

Then work screwed me over. Again.

Through my co-worker, an evil manager at the company called and told me I'd be taking a ride to work with him and three other people I would not call human since they have no souls. I got out of my comfy shorts, stopped playing Nintendo, and walked a block or two in the heat while noticing that my black shoes were starting to stick to the sidewalk because they were melting.

All so I could get to work. The rub is that because of the American Memorial Day holiday, my work had already been completed last week in order to hit deadline while my American counterparts were on vacation.

Oh well, it was a nice way to end the weekend. Despite Jamie's vehemence to the contrary, I didn't find X-Men 3 to be that bad of a movie. Perhaps Jamie had too high expectations, but I got what I was expecting from the director of Rush Hour. A fast, dirty action flick. Certainly the weakest of the three in terms of plot, I chose to look at this as part three of one big movie with the big final act and I wasn't disappointed.

Multiple ManI absolutely loved Multiple Man. While not one of the better known characters for a general audience Jamie Madrox (played by Eric Dane) was fantastic. I've been spending quite a bit of time trying to find an image of him online where it shows the shirt he was wearing. It's very similar to one of the designs used in the comics and I want that shirt. Of course, I'd also have to find at least four other guys who look exactly like me in order to pull the whole thing together. I'll likely wind up designing my own damn shirt.

On the whole, I've come to expect much less out of the cinema experience these days. I'm through and through a TV whore now, which is too bad considering how much time it eats up.

It was nice watching X-Men, though, because my dad drove down on his motorcycle and along with Catherine, we walked down to the Paramount to take in the show. It's always good seeing my dad and he seemed happier than he's been in a while, which is always a good thing. What wasn't fun, was trying to explain how to access my blog to a man who blinks a lot when you mentioned websites, links, and bookmarks.

Vernon Wells BobbleheadSunday, Catherine and I went to see the Blue Jays. I think it must be me, but every time I go to a game, they seem to lose. The only consolation was that we got Vernon Wells bobbleheads to take home. Mine is on my desk at the moment and Nathan actually got giggly excited when he saw it. The rest of the game was okay, but in that heat, nothing is fun for long.

Poor Truffle. She's at home with a fan pointed in her direction and all the windows open. At night, we've been running the air conditioner in the bedroom, so we bring her in with us (cage and all) so that she can cool down. It doesn't get TOO hot in that apartment, but hot enough that you start to sweat if you walk any distance at all.

I'm told that this is nothing compared to China. I'm expecting to drop thirty pounds in total due to sweat my first week away.
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X-Men 3The television season has come and gone with the exception of the final episode of Battlestar Galactica, leaving me with more free time than I'd like. Then again, I'm sure I'll be plenty busy with karate, Catherine, and our three week trip to China.

That doesn't, however, kill the summer for viewing pleasures as the movies are just getting warmed up. Because I can, I'm going to quickly run down the list of a few flicks coming out this summer that I'm interested in seeing.

Tonight begins an odyssey that started more than 7 years ago when I was in university. Just before my final year and just after Catherine and I started dating, I had the chance to be in the first X-Men movie. An exciting experience that capped off with a four-hour drive from Jasper to Edmonton just to see it the next July as well as me (surprise) buying the action figures from the movie.

1. X3. Now it's time for X-Men 3: The Last Stand. By all accounts it's the weakest of the three films as it's heavy on action and unloading tons of characters, but that doesn't bother me as I know who they all are anyway. I'm particularly happy about seeing Multiple Man in action.

Code2. The Da Vinci Code. I didn't really want to see this as I wasn't terribly impressed with the book (other than the research, the plot was laughable). However, Catherine and I got free passes to see an advance screening. Despite being free, the movie still cost close to $20 in snacks. If the film industry ever complains about pirating again, I'm starting a television campaign against the high cost of popcorn.

In regards to the movie itself, free is the amount of money I would recommend you spend. Seriously, the movie is quite dull, very predictable, and most of the actors look unhappy. I've seen worse and for those of you who are curious about it go ahead and spend the cash, but otherwise it's a pass.

Cars3. Cars. I'm not terribly jazzed about the concept of this movie and the execution doesn't look to be on par for some of Pixar's previous efforts. I was totally blown away by The Incredibles and the first Toy Story is an amazing movie, but the lure of talking cars just isn't doing it for me. The voice cast seems okay (Owen Wilson, Richard Petty) and I have no doubts it'll be worth the price of admission. This will be one of the few times I go to a movie based purely on the strengths of the studio behind it. I hope to not be disappointed.

It apparently takes place in Radiator Springs and follows a young hotshot (Wilson) who dreams of making it into the big race. Standard predictable premise, but if anyone can make it worth watching, it's Pixar.

Superman Returns4. Superman Returns Everyone but me seems to be genuinely excited for this film. For some reason, I just can't get behind it. I still expect to see it, but perhaps it's because Bryan Singer left X3 to do this movie or because it completely clashes with Smallville, I'm not sure. I also don't like that Lois Lane has "moved on" or the way Brandon Routh looks. He looks like he's 12 and not at all suited to be Superman. Few are, however, and I was one of those people to retract my feelings about Michael Keaton as Batman.

You can't really argue with Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, though. He's got a great villainous quality and the film effects look pretty spiffy.

Clerks 25. Clerks II. I'm wary of the whole thing, but Kevin Smith does dialogue well and perfected it in the original. If this is more of the same taken to yet another extreme, I'll be happy. The film promises lots of cameos by Smith veterans including Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee (My Name Is Earl), Kevin Wiseman (Alias)

The film picks up 10 years after the first one and Dante and Randal now work at a fast food joint. Typical bad service continues with a few other cast auditions to add to the hilarity. I'm expecting it to be one of Smith's better offerings.

Attached below is an internet teaser (no spoilers here) of Dante and Randal driving and talking about movie catchphrases. Good stuff.

Tomorrow, Catherine and I are going shopping for a digital camera and my Dad is coming to town. This doesn't happen often and I'm always slightly astonished when he agrees to come, so I'm actually holding off seeing X-Men until tomorrow so I can go with him. Other than that, I'm going to Blue Jays game on Sunday because they're giving away free bobble-heads and I can't resist getting free crap.
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Image Niagara FallsBuilding upon the success of our trip last year, Catherine and I decided that we might like to make a weekend trip to the Falls an annual event. We stayed at the same hotel, played some of the same games, and ate at one or two of the same places. It was great fun that could only have been better if the weather was cooperating and not making it feel as though it was the middle of February.

Can't always win, I suppose. Still, we played some mini-golf and in a landmark first I managed to beat Catherine. She'll likely blame the wind or the fact that I kept distracting her by tapping her club or hitting her with mine (not HARD, though).

We also spent more than $20 at the local midway playing skeeball, a popcorn game, and a shooting game. Catherine naturally beat me handily in all of those games, and for our reward we gathered all of these glorious, magical tickets that the games would spit out as a reward for our efforts.

umbrella headBy the end of it all, we had a total of 241 tickets. A fortune in cheap over-the-counter prizes! Still, as mighty as we felt, there were others lining up with more than 5000 tickets. I don't want to even think about how much money that translates into. There are people there for fun and the people who were kicked out of the casinos and are looking to make it BIG.

So, what did we spend it on? Well, 150 tickets got Catherine a dragonfly magnet. She seems to love the thing and how am I to judge? I picked two poker chips with the logo of the place on them, and then spent the rest on 22 plastic frogs of varying colours.

"You're going to hate me," I said to the clerk.

She looked up with a look I'm sure she's given at least a hundred times already today. "Go for it," she said.

frogs"I want the rest in frogs."

Not blinking, she reached down, pulled up the bucket, and flatly said "Do you have a colour preference?"

Grace under pressure.

Catherine and I also picked up a polar bear magent on our trip, a Niagara Falls Christmas ornament, a ton of snacks, some pictures, and the glorious perfection that are the Hershey Store cookies. I tell you, all other cookies taste like ashes in my mouth.

A high point (low point?) of the trip was stumbling across an outdoor taping of Regis and Kelly. Dean Cain was there, but I'm not sure he qualifies as a celebrity anymore.

All in all, a good trip. I didn't glue myself together this year, nor did I have to repair Catherine's glasses once (two different fixes were required last year and she STILL hasn't bought new ones). Was it as good as last year? Hard to say. The landscape was a bit different and we were mostly confined to the hotel. Still, you make your own fun, don't you?
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt took more than three years, but I finally went to the dentist yesterday. The only good things about this visit were that it came after a great weekend away with Catherine (Niagara Falls) and that it got me out of work two hours early.

Still, it didn't feel good.

I don't like dentists or doctors very much. Most of this comes from when I was younger as it seemed every time I went to the doctor, I'd be sent to the hospital. Mostly for asthma (I had to spend time inside oxygen tents), but also for meningitis and other problems, so as a result I tend to avoid things.

I decided to "man-up" about it and went to the doctor last week. Yesterday was the dentist. No cavities, I'm pleased to say, but the cleaning left me feeling as though a rabid dog had unleashed its foaming fury as my mouth was puffed and slashed by the not-so-tender mercies of the dentist.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBut I did it. It's over and done with (for now). Now I can focus on getting a few other things together for China and I'm laughing. By now, no blood should come out of my mouth if I laugh too hard. Though rinsing after my cleaning was a bit of an unpleasant shock.

More on Niagara Falls tomorrow and the finding of 22 frogs.

PS. New blog layout. The old one made the text font too big and I didn't has as much room for images as I would have liked. As you can see here, some of the photos in previous entries no longer fit the window properly, so I may resize one or two. That, or just accept that no one is going to re-read them and move on.
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Image Hosted by
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo, I took yesterday off work 'sick' because I had a gazillion things to do. I arranged to get them all done on one day and even managed to do a few extra things as well. It's always nice to not be at work, but as Nathan says I tend to get a little paranoid that people are talking shit about me for not being there. Then again, no one cares.

I wish I did all the things that Ferris Bueller did. That movie was so inspiring... alas, I did grown-up things. Running errands and avoiding odd people. At least it was sunny out.

So, yesterday I went to the Chinese Embassy to arrange travel visas for Catherine and I. Ten minutes early and I was still the 13th person in line. The guy who helped me didn't speak any English, so I had to grunt and gesture a little. He seemed used to this so there were no real problems.

After that, I met up with Catherine and her job. I sent her an email to let her know I was outside, which I thought she got as she came to the window, but it turns out they placed their garbage can in prime office real estate. Hopefully that can thinks a lot of happy thoughts.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWent up there, collected her, then we went to the travel clinic where they charged us just shy of a billion dollars to tell us things we already knew and give us needles. I got two, Catherine got three (she was greedy). Then we left, I bought some bedding for Truffle, then I went home and did laundry. I managed to play a little Smash Bros before I left for a SECOND doctor's appointment (cool guy, two years older than I am, and from Guelph).

On my way back, I dropped forms off at U of T and mailed another teacher's college-related document. Everything's set until this fall when I get the bill. That, I don't want.

Went home, more video games, then off to karate. I got punched in the stomach quite hard.

At home, watched the hippies win the Amazing Race (ta-tao!) and Michael as he screws everyone over on Lost.

Not a bad day, overall. Unlocked the rest of the Smash Bros characters.

Image Hosted by

I set up my sick day exit by faking being ill the day before. It worked as one person wanted me to go home, one manager gave me advil, and others were sympathetic. Nathan laughed his ass off when he realized I was faking it. Normally, doing such things would be beneath me, but this place is evil and so the game must be played.

Today I'm back at work and hating it. The world has returned to normal, though Catherine and I got free tickets to an advance DaVinci Code screening tonight. Free is better than paying.
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One of the funniest videos that I have come across online is this warped Japanese game show that punishes contestants who laugh at a video of a man attempting to speak English. I sent it to practically everyone in my office as it's just that darn good, but I'm making it much easier for you guys to come here to see it.

A major highlight is when he tries to count. I have to give the guy credit, though... he never stops trying.

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It's hard to believe that I've hit my landmark 300th post already. Then again, I have been using this blog for a few years now and hopefully I've entertained and amused you, while occasionally providing bursts of damning insight into my soul.

My always helpful page-a-day calendar pointed me to this strange website the other day and I spent time looking through most (if not all) of the photos on the site because I have nothing else to do. At times funny, sometimes poignant, always strange, I thought I'd select 10 of my favorite shots to include today. I figured I might as well switch to a photo blog entry today as I've already done video, geekery, and other assorted bits of nonsense.

The first photo warns us of impending 'toad' of some sort. What kind of dire warning could this be and where did it come from? I hope someone figures it out before someone croaks. I selected it for inclusion because it's strange and I could see it becoming a group cheer of some sort down the road.

animals sick after eating you
Many of these signs seem to have to do with animals in one form or another. This sign just seems like good advice, though I know of a few people I wouldn't mind seeing go over the fence.

dog-talk signI'm glad to see that the parks department has a bit of a sense of humor. Though I can't help but wonder if this sign has a deeper meaning of sort. Perhaps like Douglas Adams and his dolphins, the dogs in this area are super-intelligent and therefore should be able to outsmart us all. I could see it happening. After all, Vancouver is rich and teaming with natural splendour, mountains, hippies, and has a Hollywood North community second only to us all. That, or maybe it's a joke to play on Americans to make them think we really do talk to our dogs.

pet exercise areaOn the other side of the coin, perhaps this sign is a warning to dogs to say away from the pet exercise area. Seriously, though, who would take their pets here? What city council approved THIS as a good area?

Signs like this, as much as they amuse me, also kind of tick me off. I wouldn't go walking through there (TICKS!) so why would I risk taking an animal I love and care for into an area to get them killed? Elaine from Seinfeld probably likes the idea but me, not so much.

people with dogs go over there
Instead, perhaps, we should follow the advice of this sign. Taken out of context, who knows what it could mean, but apparently if you're a man and you have a dog, you have to go over there. According to the subhead on the website, following the directions of the sign to the far end of the parking lot, there was an identical sign with no arrow. I don't know how long you have to wait there or what will happen if you stay for too long.

dog pooping
This sign seems to have a good suggestion on the matter. Just make sure you bring plenty of doggy bags. I hope the artist commissioned for this piece charged extra for the picture of the poop.

drunken fish kissingI don't know why, but this picture makes me think of Josh and Jer's cottage. I have no basis for this, but it just struck me as something he'd find really funny. Get drunk and apparently you dive underwater and begin to kiss fish. This hasn't happened to any of us so far as I know, but it's nice to know that, according to this sign, that it's an option.

It looks like it'd be a good party, though. You have the out of control boat, the beer, the guy who's obviously loving life, and the fish looks kind of happy with the whole thing. At least the fish is getting a kiss on the mouth and not a hook through it.

green animal eating
This photo makes me think of Catherine's brother, David. Currently teaching English in China, it's the kind of sign he's likely to come across and laugh at a lot. Considering he's sent us pictures of himself and a monkey, him holding a giant panda, and stories of receiving baby chicks as presents, it's really a smart bet that signs like this are inevitably going to follow.

one-way exit
This sign is by far my favorite. It makes me think of this job, or any job that doesn't make a person happy, and laugh my ass off. I can't believe the person who put up this sign didn't think it was odd, but apparently once you're in, you can't get out. Of course this isn't true so long as you have a hack-saw. Or Paul.

not an exitGo ahead. Want to leave? I know you do. Just try it. Look, there's an exit sign. And another one. I promise you it's an exit. Go ahead. A few more steps. OOOOHHHH... damn! Nope, not an exit. These signs were found in a hotel overseas. That's probably some poor guy's room.

So there you have it. Signs of life that point out the bizarre and humorous things that pass us by. If anyone else has pictures of signs like these or you want to start a blog of our own maybe that's something we could set up.

In the meantime, life goes on. It's lunch now and I have leftovers to eat and Veronica Mars DVDs to watch.
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI had a pretty good weekend, with last Saturday being fantastic from start to finish. I've had a couple of 'blah' weekends lately, so a lot of good fortune and fun at once is happy making.

It started out in the morning with my karate grading. A few hours of exercise, kata, punches, kicks, and I'm now in possession of a brown belt. Despite doing karate for years before I came to this club, I was JUST below brown back in Guelph so to finally get it is really cool. It's just a short jump away from black. It's one of the main goals I set for myself years ago and it's good to be getting close to completing it.

Another fun side-effect of this was that the belt I got is a size smaller than my old one and fits fantastically. This means I'm losing weight. That's also quite happy making.

After that, Catherine and I went to the Pickle Barrel downtown to meet up with her parents who were going to see a show. We had a great breakfast/lunch, then walked over to the Silver Snail for Free Comic Book Day 2006. We both wound up with quite a few free comics (Catherine got an Archie) and headed back home.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe fun didn't stop, as my connection finally delivered my set of Marvel Legends 13 (Onslaught wave) to my front door. I saved more than $30 on this deal and wound up with my favorite set yet. I'll upload a few of my own pics (I know, I know... geek stuff) tomorrow but I'll include stock photos of some of them today.

I only opened a couple (Pyro and Loki) and left the rest (Abomination, Green Goblin, Blackheart, Lady Deathstrike) for Sunday to open. Still, it was lots of fun and Catherine put up with me.

After that, we went to visit friends Victoria and Jamie for a night of pizza and games. The pizza was great (couldn't tell you where it was from) and then we played Boggleand Bohnanza. Of course, I won both games (mainly because Wilt wasn't there).

I was quite pleased overall. Free geek stuff, new belt, time with Catherine. I feel slightly bad that I had to skip out on my brother's backyard barbecue reception, but as he only told me about it a couple days before and plans were already made, I couldn't make it. Still, great time overall. There are worse ways to live.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIf you REALLY want to look cool at work, do a blog entry while your boss walks in the room and up to you (this NEVER happens). Then have him look at your screen (all of text). Minimize that to have open with a GIANT stupid ad on it for a fart button. For total hilarity, realize that your boss sees this, then watch as he reaches out and pushes the button on your screen.

For the rest of your day, clean your desk so that if you're fired you can just pick up and go. Luckily, my boss knows nothing of what I do and likely thinks I was working.

Paul, I can hear you from here. I'm not an idiot. Just... unlucky on Mondays. I do well on Saturdays and alternate Tuesdays.
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Rule #1: You don't mess with the Lost producers.

Rule #2: You do NOT mess with the Lost producers.

Apparently Cynthia Watros (Titus, Spin City) and Michelle Rodriguez (Girl Fight, Blue Crush)should have been a tad bit more careful after being arrested early on during the production of season 2 of Lost. They were added to the cast as people who were on the tail section of the plane that broke off on the other side of the island. They added a new twist to the show that apparently only works so long as you stay sobre.

They were arrested on separate DUI charges within minutes of each other. Watros got a slap on the wrist and Rodriguez just finished up a three-day stint in jail. This can only add to her bad-girl image that she's desperately trying to cultivate.

Well, she'll have plenty of time.

Last night on Lost, they got "arrowed" but good. Michael, returning from the jungle where he was searching for his abducted son, offered to kill the Losties prisoner for Ana-Lucia (Rodriguez) when she couldn't follow through. So she hands him the gun, he apologizes, and shoots her in the chest. DEADED! Then Libby (Watros) walks in the room, surprising Michael, who turns and gives her a couple of bullets. DEADED (maybe)!

Exciting stuff. Michael sets the prisoner free then shoots himself. Personally, I think he's been forced to do it, but we'll see soon enough.

The amusing part of all of this is that the writing was on the wall for these two actresses. Watros signed on to a pilot (kind of a Will & Grace/Lois & Clark thing) as GRACE but trades listed her as a 'guest-star' due to her Lost commitments. Sounds like the new pilot was being nice to the Lost producers and didn't want to give anything away. Still, how could a TITLE CHARACTER be listed as a guest-star?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOver at TV, Michael Ausiello ran an interview with show-runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof who claim that their exit has been in the cards the whole time.

"A lot of this is going to sound like spin, so all we can give you is our word that this is exactly what happened," Lindelof says. "She made it very clear in that meeting that she's sort of a nomadic spirit and she did not want to commit to doing any more than [one season]. She wanted to do one kickass arc, as she described it, and we basically started to wrap our brains around her energy and say, "Yeah, we'll bring you on the show and then we'll kill you off at the end of the year." And she was totally cool with it and we were totally cool with it."

Cuse agrees that the timing was unfortunate. "Then she got this DUI and Damon and I looked at each other and we were like, "Oh, great. Everybody is going to think we're killing her off because she got a DUI." But there really wasn't anything we could do about that. I mean, the story was set. We had made plans."

Lindelof also knew fans were going to react as Libby gets shot at the same time. "It was like "oh shit." Both Michelle and Cynthia were busted the same night for DUI and we've got this story point coming up where they essentially both get shot at the same time, so it's going to look like this is the Lost producers attempt to say, 'Don't drive drunk!'"

Image Hosted by

Well? Is it spin, conspiracy, bad timing? Who cares, really. I just want to see the next episode.

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If you want to watch the video right here, click the 'play' button on the lower left hand side of the video window (same goes for the finale to Six Feet Under I added below). Clicking on the video itself (the big play button) takes you to YouTube's website.

It's only three and a half weeks away. As nervous as I am by this film, I'll take whatever kind of Sentinel I can. As far as I know, this is a 'Days of Future Past' scene involving the Danger Room. Not 100% sure, though. Either way, it looks pretty cool.

Tomorrow, my toy geekery continues with the release of Marvel Legends series 13. This wave has Abomination, Pyro, Lady Deathstrike, Green Goblin, Blackheart, Loki, and a build-a-figure of Onslaught. Catherine sees better ways to spend our money, so we're going to go to Niagara Falls for May 24.

Total impulse, but we booked the hotel, travel, all of it. I'm looking forward to an insane amount of mini-golf, the Hershey store, and HBO.

I'm hoping to avoid a crazy glue incident with this year's trip.
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usEverything.




This is the tagline for the final season of Six Feet Under, the critically-acclaimed HBO show about a family running a funeral home who have to deal with their own family issues amidst a constant influx of the recently deceased. At times poignant, it's also funny, irreverent, and realistic.

I would never call this one of my favorite shows because I think it hits a little too close to home too often to be readily embraced and added to any DVD shelf. Despite this, I think it's well worth watching and over the weekend I finally saw the final season.

The ending devasted me. I don't mean I had a tear or two, I mean I was emotionally crippled for the rest of the weekend. As sad as the ending was, it was also tremendously life-affirming. Amazingly timed to UK import Sia's song 'Breathe Me', the final episode, 'Everyone's Waiting', was everything a final episode should be and more. I thought about this episode for two full days and now I'm writing a blog entry.

I don't know what it was about that episode. It brought out every bit of grief I've ever had for those I've loved who have passed away. It made me think of Lucas, a boy I knew at Rainbow Daycamp, who committed suicide at the age of 12. It made me think of my grandmother, my other grandparents, aunts, uncles, as well as Jack and Rooter.

It's hard to explain without coming across as melodramatic. Perhaps Aaron would understand best. He and I watched the show together quite a bit, and one episode in particular left us both stunned.

Image Hosted by

I've attached a link to
where the final six minutes and the song I mentioned above are included. One of the main characters of the series dies a few episodes before this, and you can see the character in the side-view mirror as the car drives away. Just before, this ghost tells the departing person that "You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone."

For as depressing as this episode could be, it also has weddings, births, and many other joys in life. That's what I'm doing my best to take away from all this, but sometimes I feel that time is going by too quickly, so I try to hold on to as much as I can in my memory before it's gone.

After all, everything ends.

No worries, though. Even more begins.
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