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Arthur and Marvin... or Jer, Victoria, Paul, Catherine and myself tomorrow on the way to Big Turk's for the weekend. It shall be glorious. Hopefully we'll get out to see this flick along the way. Posted by Hello
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September can't come quickly enough in my opinion. Not only will it mean the end of my exile here at this job, but it also brings Joss Whedon's feature film version of the incredible show, Firefly, to the big screen.

All of the original cast are back in a trailer that is fun, fast, furious, and stylish. For those of you who, like me, couldn't get enough, at least this juicy offering will help overcome the pangs of its cancellation.

Oh yeah, I mentioned the trailer. It's online NOW at

Go see it. Then post your comments in the chatterbox. It's really good looking. The only person I didn't spot was Ron Glass as Shepherd Book, though I know he's in the film. Nathan Fillion, aka Malcolm Reynolds, gets the juiciest parts.

"Define bad situation." - Mal
"Oh god, oh god, we're all going to die?" - Wash

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Shortly after he was elected to the Holy office, Catherine sent me a brief message about her first impression of the Pope.

"Have you seen the new Pope, yet? He looks shifty."

Every time I see a picture of him I DO think he looks shifty, and feel the need to make me eyes dart left and right quickly like a certain dog on The Simpsons.

Any thoughts?
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You will come back from within yourself
you can be art when we melt
and I will know what you were for
I say we're leaving

There ain't nothing here at all
Another day, a week, the mall
and baby, if I was in demand
You would be mine

Some day, this place is gonna burn
Is your whole life in there waiting?
Some day, your head is gonna turn
And you'll realize I'm missing
Do you realize?

You will come back, convince yourself
You can stay alive and wait for me
And I will know what this was for
And I'll say we're leaving

There ain't nothing here at all
Another month, a year, that's all
So we can tell them I'm coming out
Who's coming with me?

Some day, this place is gonna burn
Is your whole life in there waiting?
Some day, their heads are gonna turn
And they'll realize you're missing.

You're missing
We are there

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The Juggernaut is in the house.

According to a scoop on Coming Soon (you'll have to cut and paste this link as my Mac at work doesn't have all the options), Vinnie Jones is currently in talks to play Professor X's half-brother, Cain Marko... aka The Juggernaut, in the upcoming X-Men 3.

This would be very cool if done right. A waste of time if it isn't. Still, one of the biggest things missing from X-Men 2 was a REALLY good brawl between super-powered characters. They were mutants, but didn't use their powers in battle as much as I would have liked.

I'll be there for this one.

So far Hugh Jackman, Famke Jansen, and Alan Cumming are set to return. Everyone else is in talks.

It comes out in 2006.
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Just because it was a lyric in a song I was just listening to doesn't make it any less relevant a question.

"Can money pay for all the days I've lived awake but half asleep?"

What am I doing here?
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 at 10:50 p.m. | 2 comments
For my dear, sweet, Catherine who today turns 26. I love you more with each passing day and can't imagine what my life would be like without coming home to hold you in my arms.

I love you today, tomorrow, and forever.

You look so cute asleep in bed right now.

I'm glad you had a nice day.
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This was an article in today's Metro and I wanted to post it for a couple of reasons.

1. I think it's kind of ridiculous. Society is becoming way too picky for its own good.
2. I figured Catherine would find it funny. My job is to amuse her.

"Cookie Monster, the blue furry muppet known for his penchant for cookies, will be eating less of his favourite food in the coming season, reports.

The change in Cookie Monster's diet is part of a new focus on television's Sesame Street, one that will stress healty eating habits for children."

It's official, the world has gone nuts.
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“A Subway sandwich shop employee in Edmonton, Alberta, somehow managed to activate the burglar alarm and disarm two men who were attempting to rob him at knifepoint. Scared by the sandwich maker’s heroics, the felons fled the scene. The Subway employee pursued the would-be thieves, shouting that there was no harm done and that he’d gladly make them free sandwiches if they came back. Amazingly, they did! Police arrived minutes later and arrested the hungry thieves, who were patiently waiting in line for a Cold Cut Trio.”

Stuff magazine
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Jer, Aaron and I ventured forth to see this comic book-turned-film on the big screen. While it has a lot of value in terms of cinematography, I found the execution to be a bit overwhelming. As a comic book fan, I appreciate the literalness of the translation, but I can imagine the uniniated arriving to the show and finding it a bit wanting.

Some found the endless narration jarring, and others will be blown away by the brutality of the film.

The biggest impression that the movie will leave with me, however, had nothing to do with what was on screen.

It was the audience. The crazy fucking audience.

There were people smoking hash somewhere in the theatre. I can't confirm it, but my suspicions fall on the guy in the back who laughed REALLY loudly at anything and everything. Apparently others noticed it as well as during the third act theatre employees stood on both sides of the theatre and were scanning the crowd. It was a bit disconcerting.

Add to the fact that the guys behind us were drunk. You could smell it clearly, especially on the breath of the guy who leaned forward in his seat. He kept knocking over glass bottles the whole time.

The woman beside Aaron kept falling asleep. This wouldn't have been bad if she hadn't cried out when Aaron got up to go to the bathroom. I thought it was quite funny.

The guys in front of us wouldn't take off their hats.

All of this was crazy and could be explained any number of ways. They were prepping for the bar or a party, maybe they had already been out for a good time. Then again, seeing as how it was a matinee and showed at 4 in the afternoon, maybe they were just idiots.

Oh, and they showed the movie and the Star Wars trailer. That was good.
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