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Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith teaser poster. Posted by Hello
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Well, it's finally here. The third and final eagerly awaited teaser poster for the big Star Wars prequel trilogy. Gut reaction that it's cool, but I don't know how much it stands up to really close scrutiny.

After the first two films failed to capture me the way the originals did (mostly because of the horrid dialogue and delivery.... the first films had bad dialogue as well, but the actors seemed to know how to say it at least) I'm surprised that I'm still eager to see this one. Of course, the promise that just about everyone dies and that the film is dark and brooding can only be looked at as a good thing.

I'm also curious to see how the whole series will stand together once this thing comes out. I also still need to buy the original trilogy on DVD.

Ah, the lack of money... but I'm working on that, aren't I?
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Two to go.

I had the interview. I think it went pretty well, otherwise I don't think it would have lasted nearly an hour and a half. That's a long time to be on your game, let me tell you.

Now I'm just tired. Trying to relax and let the stress leave. Not for long, though, as I have two interviews next week. One at Chart, and the other at Canadian Health & Safety News.

At least things are looking up!
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Me in Jasper many moons ago... looking for direction then and wondering if I've finally found it now... Posted by Hello
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This is it (well, nearly). Tomorrow is the day. Do or die.

The job interview.

Everyone assures me that I'll do great. Friends, peers, instructors, they all seem certain that this job is essentially a lock and if it isn't it's because of some weird twist of fate or other bizarre event that I'll have no control over.

I'm confident about it, too. That's the problem, I guess. I'm waiting for the twist ending packaged onto the end of shows like Lost, 24 or any other TV show or movie that I've seen lately. Maybe there isn't a twist. Maybe it's just time for me to finally get to a good place. Maybe that's also why I'm a little scared.

I've had jobs before, tasks, responsiblities and duties that I've always lived up to and loved every moment of, but this is the real start of a real career assuming that I get the job. That carries a certain amount of weight and expectation that I'm placing on myself. I've had plenty of interviews before and plenty of experience, but never one that counted so much. Never about something I really wanted. And certainly never about something that would actually pay me what I'm worth.

Catherine says I worry too much and that I need to calm down. I know she's right, and tomorrow I'll be as cool as cucumber, I swear. It's just thoughts like these that keep me up a few extra minutes at night. Aaron probably knows a thing or two about not being able to sleep.

Still, things are looking up overall. I should have some money coming in, and I just won an award for my work on Convergence that gave me an extra $200. I can't complain about that. It's the second journalism award I've won for my specific work, and the fifth overall for works I've headed up. It's a good track record and I'd like to keep running with it.

Tomorrow I conquer Total Gamer and Hub. I'll sleep easily knowing that this is, in essence, my job already. It's just a matter of a couple more steps.
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Be all that you can be.

Today I was given the unusual charge by Catherine to find a suitable external DVD burner. Of course, this is only half the challenge. As with many things, finding and buying something that exactly fits the bill of what you want it to do, the kinds of software it offers, and of course ease of use.

In theory, all of the available products would do the same thing. To this end, I've enlisted both Paul and Josh for some tech-saavy advice (though neither are answering their ICQ messages at the moment) to find out what it is I'm really looking for.

In a way, this hunt couldn't have come at a better time. As I mentioned previously, I have an interview with a computer and tech based magazine this coming Friday. It helps to be able to talk about some investigative journalism on the subject in the days leading up to the interview, and I'm hoping that in our search along College I'll at least come across a copy of the magazine which I hope to be working for.

Two birds, one stone, one step closer to a job.

That's the theory.

So, I'm armed with the Internet, an abundance of free time and a girlfriend who's willing to pay for the mentioned hardware. It's like I've found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Now all I have to do is convince her about a giant TV and we're set.

My mission is clear, the goal is set. And once all of this is done, I can back up my precious files and give this computer the digital colon cleansing it so desperately requires. Then I need a nice new copy of XP to install and I'm laughing like a maniac.

Again, that's the theory.
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Are few and far between. But, as Jer and Paul can attest to on at least one insane occasion, I do seem to have large quantities of horseshoes up my ass.

What am I referring to?

Well, I went to that god-awful job doing eBay listings yet again today. I'll readily admit it's boring and terrible work, especially for $9 an hour sitting next to a dog that smells like evil itself (though he's not a bad little fella) but when you need money you shut up and do it or go broke and ask your parents for money.

I don't wanna.

So, after an extensive amount of work retooling my resume and preparing for another wave of job application bliss, Catherine and I came across a listing for an editorial assistant for Hub: Digital Living and Total Gamer magazine. Both are free publications, Hub being available across Toronto and Total Gamer being the 24-page publication that Blockbuster chains get each month.

I nearly crapped myself. Finally, a publication that I'd actually be worth a damn working for. How do you not get your hopes up?

Today when I got home, there was a message from the editor asking if we could set up an interview. I called him back in a fluster much like a teenage girl about to meet Leonardo DiCaprio or something, and did my best to collect myself.

I had energy, enthusiasm, and only one blunder. He asked if I'd read the magazine which I had, but I assumed they had to be bought. See, I hadn't thought terribly much about the market for these magazines and as soon as he explained they were free and where they were available from I smacked my forehead because I did, of course, know this but in my eagerness totally forgot.

Hopefully my talking about video game knowledge, renting games, and my enthusiasm for working there (I told him I was quite excited to see my listing, then I showed it to Catherine who didn't seem as impressed... he thought that was funny). I want to avoid sucking up, but I know part of what got Catherine her job was that she was genuinely interested in working there. I said something along the same lines: "It's rare that you find a job that not only matches your skills but fits into your interests as well."

I tried not to get into too much detail, and quickly ran over what my resume said to refresh his memory (at his request). Years at CXF, writing reviews (which he mentioned would be a large component), and where I recently had internships.

Like a kid after his first date, I'm going ever every detail and cringing at what a dork I must have looked like. I can't help it, though, this would be a fantastic job to start my career with. It's understandable that I'd be nervous and excited. I don't think I've blown it (hopefully far from it) but I need to make sure to bring my 'A' game to the table next week.

That means research, research, research.

I'm screwed, aren't I? Interview is next Friday... one week 'till Judgement Day.
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Is this all there is to life? Posted by Hello
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.... it doesn't mean they like you.

Yes, dear fans of this blog (all two of you must be jumping up and down right about now), yours truly is finally back in the blogging game. Why the delay, especially after the tantalizing hints about how brilliant King's The Dark Tower really is?

Well, I just got lazy.

That's the real truth behind the job search process. It takes a lot out of you and as more than one person I've spoken to about the juggernaut of nothingness that I face each day, it's the hardest job I'll ever have. Getting motivated to send out resume after resume with no calls and only very rarely a rejection letter tends to wear on the heart and soul mighty quick.

Catherine is doing her best to keep my spirits up but I must confess to be hitting new lows lately. The other day I danced naked on the street for a quarter. I'm not proud of that, but I did get some gum out of a machine thanks to my hard work.

Seriously, though, I wish things were easier. I've paid my dues, haven't I? Apparently not. I'm not opposed to jumping through more hoops and getting things going, but increasingly I've been seeing my life in terms of Dante and Randal over in Clerks in that I'm not even supposed to be here today. I'm supposed to be a success, not a register jockey.

Hopefully things will change for the better soon.

I recently picked up the Clerks X dvd which is just loaded to the gills with View Askew goodness. Lots of extras, a new animated scene and the brilliant short, The Flying Car. Catherine and I were given a bonus from the building of a massive $60 so we split it and went out to buy something fun to try and enjoy life for once. I bought that and so far she's watched me do it. I almost had her buying slippers. She's a tough cookie to break, though.

Other than that, I've been watching 24 a lot. I rented the first two seasons to keep me company and so far the second is much better than the first. Still, both are good and I suggest you pick them up if you're so inclined.

I also took a sneak peek at Supreme Power, a Marvel comic offering in the shop today. Jamie mentioned it to me a few weeks ago and I've been really curious about it ever since. I need more money.

That seems to be a recurring theme, doesn't it?

I'm working on it. I swear.
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The Dark Tower still stands!  Posted by Hello
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Just so you know, I dislike you all immensely.


Just kidding. Or am I?

Anyway, I'm off to the g-spot for the weekend (and Brantford, home of the girlfriend) for some much needed r and r. I have my mom's car (after a brutal night trying to get it) and I'm about to brave the five o'clock traffic heading out of the city.

Pray for me.

Taking little Truffle with us, so those of you left behind in the big city, please behave. I'll see you all soon.
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Things could be easier and better, I warrant, and yet they aren't. I'm not sure who is in charge "up there" (or even if there is an 'up there' to be discussed, but that's a topic for another time), but it seems to me that things are coming out awfully uneven down here.

Maybe it's a case of mixed messages, screwed up communications or just plain old bad timing. Lord knows I've had enough of these like co-inky-dinks in my lifetime to do me well and proper for the rest of my days, but no matter how you look at it I'm simply tired of paying my dues.

Well, that's not entirely true. Some things are a bit of a gift when you get right down to it. Today I got a couple of days work doing eBay listings for a store near where Catherine works. Humbling work, in other words, but it's $9 an hour in the company of an aging blind dog.

Could be worse.

Other things can and will happen, so my baby says. It's just a matter of timing and luck. Well, so far I've sucked at one and the other has all been bad. Still, who knows what changes will be in store in the future?

Tomorrow night I'll be heading to Bolton to grab my mom's car so I can go visit Catherine's family in Brantford as well as my own over the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing my dad and my brother, Graydon, as well as his kids. It's been far too long for my brother... since about Christmas, I should think. Too long and never again.

I'm rambling and my head hurts. This post isn't going anywhere I thought it would so I'll cut it short. I will say, however, that I'm knee deep in The Dark Tower, but that's a post for another time. You see, I'll let you in on a secret...

I think it may be real.
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After my huge love-fest about X-Men Legends yesterday I was eager to take another crack at the team of merry mutants. For those of you who don't know, I'd put in a request with the makers of the game and their parent company, Activision, for an interview as well as a review copy of the game. I'd heard nothing at all back after repeated attempts, so I figured the whole thing was dead in the water.

Today I called Blockbuster and asked them to hold the game for me. I figured I was reasonably close to finishing... another five to ten hours or so... and I really enjoyed playing it.

Ten minutes later there was a call from Purolator downstairs. Went down, signed, and got a copy of the game for free.

Fucking cool.

Now the dirty part. Activision sent me a PS2 copy, and I have but a lowly Gamecube. So close, yet so far.

Not to be put off by such a turn of events, I went high and low trying to exchange this game. I called Zellers and they said no problem. I went to Dundas West, only to find out they didn't have it. Doh.

I called Toys R Us at Eglinton. They said sure. I went there, was told that they had too many copies of the game and didn't want another one. I went to EB. They were sold out. Went to an independent store but they weren't having any of it.

So, my last resort was FutureShop. I actually called them first, but they said as long as it scanned they would take it back. I was concerned. Yet it scanned, they said grab the one you want, and it was all done. The downside was that for some bizarre reason the Gamecube version was $10 more. I paid it gladly.

So, I have a new game out of the blue. I like things like that. I also saw that my Dark Tower book finally has gone on sale after repeated visits (and finally a complaint to the store which is in the process of being 'answered') so I'll have that in my hands later. Add on a trip to a Blue Jays game tonight, and you have a pretty good day.

All that would cement it would be a lovely new job. Dare I wish for so much all at once?
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