Thursday, October 28, 2004 at 10:25 p.m. |
This is it (well, nearly). Tomorrow is the day. Do or die.

The job interview.

Everyone assures me that I'll do great. Friends, peers, instructors, they all seem certain that this job is essentially a lock and if it isn't it's because of some weird twist of fate or other bizarre event that I'll have no control over.

I'm confident about it, too. That's the problem, I guess. I'm waiting for the twist ending packaged onto the end of shows like Lost, 24 or any other TV show or movie that I've seen lately. Maybe there isn't a twist. Maybe it's just time for me to finally get to a good place. Maybe that's also why I'm a little scared.

I've had jobs before, tasks, responsiblities and duties that I've always lived up to and loved every moment of, but this is the real start of a real career assuming that I get the job. That carries a certain amount of weight and expectation that I'm placing on myself. I've had plenty of interviews before and plenty of experience, but never one that counted so much. Never about something I really wanted. And certainly never about something that would actually pay me what I'm worth.

Catherine says I worry too much and that I need to calm down. I know she's right, and tomorrow I'll be as cool as cucumber, I swear. It's just thoughts like these that keep me up a few extra minutes at night. Aaron probably knows a thing or two about not being able to sleep.

Still, things are looking up overall. I should have some money coming in, and I just won an award for my work on Convergence that gave me an extra $200. I can't complain about that. It's the second journalism award I've won for my specific work, and the fifth overall for works I've headed up. It's a good track record and I'd like to keep running with it.

Tomorrow I conquer Total Gamer and Hub. I'll sleep easily knowing that this is, in essence, my job already. It's just a matter of a couple more steps.
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