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Today I was given the unusual charge by Catherine to find a suitable external DVD burner. Of course, this is only half the challenge. As with many things, finding and buying something that exactly fits the bill of what you want it to do, the kinds of software it offers, and of course ease of use.

In theory, all of the available products would do the same thing. To this end, I've enlisted both Paul and Josh for some tech-saavy advice (though neither are answering their ICQ messages at the moment) to find out what it is I'm really looking for.

In a way, this hunt couldn't have come at a better time. As I mentioned previously, I have an interview with a computer and tech based magazine this coming Friday. It helps to be able to talk about some investigative journalism on the subject in the days leading up to the interview, and I'm hoping that in our search along College I'll at least come across a copy of the magazine which I hope to be working for.

Two birds, one stone, one step closer to a job.

That's the theory.

So, I'm armed with the Internet, an abundance of free time and a girlfriend who's willing to pay for the mentioned hardware. It's like I've found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Now all I have to do is convince her about a giant TV and we're set.

My mission is clear, the goal is set. And once all of this is done, I can back up my precious files and give this computer the digital colon cleansing it so desperately requires. Then I need a nice new copy of XP to install and I'm laughing like a maniac.

Again, that's the theory.
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