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U2It took me awhile, but I finally saw the video for the new U2 song, Window in the Skies. It's actually a pretty amazing video and to save you the trouble of looking for it (as I know you were all eager to do), I've linked to the youtube video below.

My feet are actually starting to heal. I can't believe it. It's been so long that I almost forgot what normal feet look like. They still look awful at this point, but I can walk on them again after nearly two weeks of having to hobble and shuffle. The pills I'm taking are doing a number on my stomach, but at least I'm getting better.

Nicole sent along pictures of little Izzy just a short time ago. I can't get over how much she looks like Jamie. She's getting bigger and her hands look eager to roll dice and pick up video game controllers. Like my own future children, this kid is going to be spoiled.

Aaron's blog is lacking all sorts of personal details these days (I haven't linked to his crime blog yet, I don't believe), so I'll fill in the blanks. He's doing well at The Ontarion and has finished up for the holidays. That's he's not only surviving his tenure as EIC but thriving should come as no surprise. He is king of editing.

Jer is the court jester. Jer gets the endurance award, however, for that conference of his.

Chris is doing fine. He just won a million dollars. Actually, I don't know what Chris is doing at all. I've been a bad friend. But seeing as how he's got a new house and a new family I'm sure he's plenty busy. I got him a Christmas present back in October but it now occurs to me that he's probably too busy to pay his annual visit to my Dad's house on Boxing Day.

I've got most of my shopping done at this point. A few odds and ends and then I'm set. At least in theory. There's going to be something more that I buy at least.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSomething for myself, perhaps. I bought Thor-buster Iron Man, the latest Iron Man figure from the Marvel Legends series. I'm trying to stop, but these things are like plastic crack and I know, despite asking for them, that I won't get any for Christmas.

I've been missing my friends, though. I haven't seen Paul in too long, Jer's visits are to pick up gaming hardware, and I rarely see Josh. So many others are lost in limbo... Nate, Pushee, Chris. Oh well. I've got the Wii to comfort me until I try to actually make plans. Nate and Pushee will likely enter the scene again come baseball season. Though I'm scared to death to try to go to a game with Nathan. I've never been arrested before and this is likely to happen when you go out with Nate.

I'm bored right now. Anyone up for StarCraft?

Here's the U2 video:

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMy feet are eating themselves. Especially the left foot which is ravenous.

I'm assuming I picked up some kind of infection when I was in China. Within a week of my return, I developed blisters on one of my feet. I chalked it up to switching shoes when I got home, but these were angry, angry blisters that left my feet swollen.

It kept getting worse. Over the course of FOUR doctor visits, the last being just yesterday, my foot condition spread from a few blisters to the near inability to walk. My left foot has lost so much skin on the bottom that there are raw red patches. It's not pleasant. When wet, it smells rotten.

The good news about all this is that the last doctor finally gave me an oral antibiotic. He described it as potent and the pharmacist echoed this sentiment. That's good, because it's slowly spreading to my hands.

If I die, Catherine gets the Wii. That's just the way it is.

But seriously, four months and four doctor visits and only NOW are they taking it seriously? What is wrong with our medical system? I arranged a dermatologist appointment and was told I'd have to wait a MONTH. This is actually impressive because my doctor said the wait could be months.

I'm all for public healthcare and I think it's a great system. It's times like this, however, when a private model could be brought in sparingly to help address immediate concerns such as this. If you saw my foot, you would see that there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately, not months from now. As much as I appreciate seeing the doctor for free, I'd find it much more valuable to pay a couple of bucks and be treated now.

As it is, I can barely walk. I have bandages and creams to look forward to in my stocking this year (assuming I've been a good boy).

Most of my Christmas shopping is done. There are a few odds and ends, but what would Christmas be if you weren't trying to get something at the last minute?
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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI suppose it's the price you pay for having a life. This blog was a constant source of amusement during my time at FMG and one might say that it kept me from going insane. Since then, I've been busy enjoying myself. Hence the lack of posts.

My time at FMG ended months ago and since then I've actually been enjoying myself more and more. In case you missed the subtle hints, I hated my job. The only two things I miss about it are hanging out with Nathan and the paycheck.

The past few weeks have largely been uneventful. After my practicum, I needed to decompress. Having the Wii helps in that area tremendously. It's an incredibly fun system that Catherine and I both play on a daily basis. I'm especially pleased that Catherine is using it so much, though she does tend to get carried away.

Earlier tonight we were playing Wii Sports. During one bout of the home run challenge in baseball, Catherine thought it'd be a good idea to let go of the remote. Well, the wrist strap broke, the remote went sailing through a glass candle holder (with a light candle inside) that resulted in wax being sprayed on the wall, the battery cover on the remote flying off, and the controller looking like it might be broken.

As luck would have it, Nintendo made these controllers to laugh. This particular controller has hit several people due to wild swings. Once I hit my mother so hard in the arm that I'm sure I left a massive bruise.

But that's the price you pay to play.

And it's good. For my 29th birthday (man, am I old) my father bought me Red Steel. Not much to look at at first, but the game picks up quickly.

Other than that, I'm back in school. What was make work-type of assignments before is now painfully make-work and I'm starting to get annoyed. Why do you need three people to make a 10 slide Powerpoint presentation using only pictures you can find on Google?

The world has gone mad.
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