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Tomorrow is another day and the start of another year. I know most people in this part of the world celebrate New Year's in December, but for as long as I can remember I've always put the start of a new year in September.

Didn't we all do that? September marked a new beginning and a new level for most of us. Primary school, high school, university, college, whatever... it always happened in September. This is a shared experience amongst my friends and family. September happens and so does change.

We meet new people, face new challenges, and try to do better in September. Maybe that's why so many people join the gym at this time of year. The days start to get shorter and cooler as we get down to the serious business of getting ready for winter. My mother has already mentioned buying things for Christmas. I can't get the image of a slightly wet Halloween night (and it's plenty dark by 6pm on October 31st) out of my mind. Leaves on the ground, quite cool, maybe the threat of snow.

And it all starts in September.

This is only the second full year of teaching for me, though in truth I consider it year three as teacher's college was full of its own challenges. When I look back at the state I was in a year ago I can't believe the difference in me. I barely even think about the fact that school is starting again and when I do I'm actually looking forward to seeing friends, colleagues, and students at the school. Maybe it's because I know where the bathrooms are now, what my photocopy code is, the politics of the place. All of the unknowns are known now. I'm still a new teacher, but I'm not a newborn. I have a lot more confidence (and the usual anxieties and fears that I sort of hope never go away because it means that I care and want to do well).

I haven't talked about the coming school year much at all with the people I work with and my only touchstone has been my mentor and friend, Scott. I wish I had spoken with Nicole or Lindsay about second year more to see how they handled it. I take comfort in those kinds of connections because it is a shared experience despite the fact that we may have very different clients.

At best, I'm happy. Happier than I've been in a long time. I'm not fully certain about how things are going to work this year, but at least I'm prepared for it. I don't mind the challenge at this point, though I certainly wouldn't argue with another couple days of vacation to mull it all over.

Best of luck to all the September beginnings happening this week. Especially Jamie and his course. You'll make us all even more proud of you. Good luck.
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