Sunday, November 07, 2004 at 8:00 p.m. |
I've finally done it after much talking, debating and patient waiting. The new burner is installed and running like a top which means that I was finally able to clear out the gutters of my computer and bring it into the new milennium.

That's kind of ironic given that I was running Milennium Edition before, which is nothing more than a slightly souped-up version of Windows 98.

Paul came over this weekend and generously donated his time (I say Thankya) and now the comp has a shiny new face in the form of Windows XP!

Right now I'm in the middle of ruining all that hard work by installing a bunch of crap programs that, unfortunately, I've come to know and love over the years. It's all coming together... it's all happening...

But even geeks need breaks. Today, Catherine and I headed out for a great afternoon at the zoo. We checked out our old favorites, had a hamburger or two, and even picked up a zoo Christmas ornament. Not bad for a day out, dontcha think?
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Vetty said...

SUPED-up ... not SOUP. Fucking English majours. ;)

11:33 p.m.  
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