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Put on your thinking cap

Meaning: Carefully and thoughtfully consider something

Origin: In previous centuries, it was customary for judges to put a cap on before sentencing criminals. Because judges were respected thinkers, it was referred to as a “thinking cap.”

Want some more useless trivia? Every 3 months you replace your eyelashes. You'll have 600 sets of them in your lifetime.

You probably thought this post was going to be interesting and relevant. Hopefully the above trivia is interesting and you find a relevant way to use it in your life.

Not much else is going on, really. I tried to bite my tongue off last week in karate. I got hit in the jaw with an uppercut (headgear on, of course) as I was trying to speak and now it looks like a piece of hamburger. There are teeth marks all around the outside and a bit of a scab on one side.

Yum, don't you think?

It took a few days for it to get back to normal. Catherine had gone home for the weekend so I was pretty much here feeling useless. Jer, Aaron and I went to see Garden State on Friday night and it was a pretty decent flick. The rest of the weekend Pushee was supposed to show up but didn't. So I cleaned.

Other than that, I started doing supply teaching for my Uncle in Scarborough again. This is a terrible job. Well, not so much terrible as it is a long commute to do things with disabled, dysfunctional and disorderly kids. It's a taxing job. I don't know how he manages it. So far I've only been called in on one day, Monday, but that was more than enough for me.

The rest of the week it's been doing eBay listings for the Wicked Witch of the Consignment Stores. God, I hate that job. That seems to be a theme these days. But it's money in my pocket which slowly but surely is getting larger and larger. I'm by no means self-sufficient yet nor satisfied with my current condition, but I'm working on it. Catherine thinks I still need to lighten up. Maybe I do.

Other than that, been watching Angel, Lost, and doing my best to keep my head down. Next Tuesday is my birthday and I plan to... oh, wait, I never make birthday plans. Somehow I always forget. I got a card in the mail today that reminded me it was coming up.

I'll be 27. God, that's old. Too old.

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