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Gets its official release date: July 16, 2005! For those of you who have never bothered to read this series, you're really missing out. Despite being labelled as a children's book, it's some of the most clever and imaginative work I've ever read.

Other that that, there isn't much news to report. I picked up series 8 of those Marvel Legend figures I'm obsessed with collecting. I've now added Doc Ock, modern armour Iron Man, Iceman and Storm to my figure collection. I've got to get ahold of myself.

Catherine left me. And she took Truffle. That's new.

Before you panic and start in surprise, she's just gone home for the holidays. She'll be back soon enough. In fact, when I see her on Saturday for Christmas, I may just scoop her up and carry her back home. Her and the little one.

It's a terrible thing, to live alone. Coming back to the apartment without the love of my life and my little degu was horrible. Not that I can't be alone for a little while, but I keep trying to talk to Truffle, only she isn't there. I keep waiting for Catherine to come home from some imagined trip to the store, but she isn't coming back.

Keep that bed warm without her isn't the same. It's funny when you realize how much simple joy you take out of another persons love and company, and how hard it is to go without it for even a day.

It may not sound like it, but I love it when she goes away for a short time. Nothing gets my heart going more than missing her and nothing feels so good as holding her in my arms again after a long time apart.

Of course, five minutes later I'll ignore her and play video games.

Well, maybe not.
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Dan said...


Thanks muchly for posting the release date for Half-Blood Prince. I knew they were releasing the release date sometime soon, but I had no idea it was today. And I had absolutely no idea that the book was going to be released THIS quickly. I'll definitely be at Chapters on the first day to pick it up. Order of the Phoenix was astounding. Now I'm all hyper. July 16th, oh snap!

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