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Though my job has its interesting points, it is by and large a study of the bizarre, unusual, and the people that come to identifiy with these two words.

Most of my work involves answering the phone and doing summaries for my friend who has kindly provided me with work during the holiday season, but I must admit that it can be quite boring as well. Some of the jargon I encounter is simply stunning:

"Psychiatric and Neuropsychological Findings After Stereotactic Hypothalamotomy, in Cases of Extreme Sexual Aggressivity" is the title of just one of the articles I'm researching. If you can understand half of it, you're on the same page as I am and it reads like this: HUH?

It's all good, though.

Jeromy has requested that I speak my mind on the Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King extended edition DVD which I picked up on Tuesday. This I will say: it looks brilliant next to the first two parts on the shelf.

As for the film, I haven't managed to get through the four and a half hours and change that the movie is made up of. I'm just shy of the 2 hour mark and I must say, that like the first two parts, it's brilliant.

I will mention, however, that while I'm thrilled for any and all extra parts thrown into the package, so far I haven't encountered many new scenes that completely redefined the viewing experience the way it worked with the first two films. Perhaps it's because this movie was already incredibly long. The Voice of Saruman scene at the beginning, however, is priceless and I can't understand why this was left out. It's creepy and shocking and just darn cool.

In a short time, Catherine is heading out to pick up a portable DVD player for me. She's not buying it herself, per se, but rather my Dad has given me a lovley cash Christmas gift and this is the item I've chosen to pick up. Some would pick a PS2 or Xbox, but I don't play enough games to justify that. What I do in spades, however, is watch movies, and I would love something to enjoy during commutes and other long trips. Heck, I have a couple of hour long train rides coming up this weekend as well as a boatload of travelling next week. I'm looking forward to this little item, to be sure.

Now I actually want a decent commute so I can watch movies and tv episodes. How sad.

I'm almost done my shopping for this year and it's cost me, on average, about what it normally does. In the $350 range. Thank god I had enough work from various sources to offset this cost, not to mention allow me to pay rent, so I can't complain. I may even head out to buy some new Marvel Legends figures this afternoon.

And then... nothing for a good long time. Between my birthday, Christmas, and my own pocket change I think I've been more than spoiled enough this month. Shockingly so, I think. This kind of makes up for the past four months where I had to scrimp, save, and count pennies before buying a donut. Crazy.

I really should be working.

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