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It's times like this that it occurs to me that I was lied to by the admissions packages that Humber College sent out on a regular basis. They didn't straight out lie by claiming that each and every one of us would be safe and secure with a job before we even graduated, but it was strongly implied.

I can't deny that many people did "job out" and more have since found their jobs. It doesn't keep me from becoming increasingly frustrated that with my skill, experience and desire to get going that it doesn't seem to amount to much of anything at the moment.

That said, at least I have three jobs to keep me afloat. It ticks me off to do it, but I could be in much worse straights given that I know several people with nothing at all. Right now I have contract work with my friend Julian in his office until the 23rd. That means lots of money that I need. More importantly, it means I can pay rent.

And that's a good thing. I'm sure Catherine would agree.

But she's just happy with Mario Party 6 right now. We picked it up last night and have been having a blast. Too bad I have to split it between Metroid Prime 2 right now, which I still haven't finished.

Not enough hours in the day.

So things are okay. Not brilliant, but okay. At least Christmas is going to go smoothly and really, what more do you need at this time of year?

Maybe a trip to Spain or something.
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