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In devouring as I have been seasons 1-3 of Angel recently I find myself attracted to characteristics of David Boreanaz's character, Angel.

We have a man who struggles with his very real inner demon, a world that doesn't understand how he can be both good and evil at the same time, and yet he manages to have friends, a family and a warm home to return to.

Really, Angel (or Angelus) is no different than anyone else. Maybe that's what makes him an interesting character. It's the choices that define us, not our baser feelings or motives. Is that the overall theme of the story? Maybe, but it seems like a message to me. Wesley (Alexis Denisoff) has got to be my favorite character on that show. I still can't believe he had his throat cut like that in Season 3. That's some good TV eating...

I'm very frustrated with this series as season 4 hasn't even come out on DVD yet. For those of you who've watched the series, season 3 ends on a brutal cliffhanger that, while I know things will work out, still leaves many unanswered questions.

Thanks to Jamie, Jer and others I know what happens in broad strokes on both of these series. VERY broad strokes but it's in finding out the details of how and why that I've become enthralled with Joss Whedon and his writing process. I still think he outdid himself with Firefly, but Angel comes a close second.

I'll have to wait to give a final verdict on Buffy as Season 5 is supposed to be in at the video store for me to rent at any time...

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