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Lord, why am I cursed with such geekdom?

On the way home from work today I had to stop by the Silver Snail to check once again (fruitlessly I expected) for the new series of Marvel Legends figures.

To my shock and wallet's horror, they were in. Series 6 had touched down.

What makes this remarkable is that we're ahead of the States. For the most part, the toys go coast to coast for our neighbours to the south and we get the sloppy seconds about a month later. This time we're ahead and I'm loving it.

I picked up Juggernaut, Cable and Deadpool (also Doop who came with 'Pool). Juggernaut is huge... by far the biggest figure put out by ToyBiz yet. Deadpool wins for articulation and coolness (not to mention an uber-creepy second head) while Cable's arm is just a thing of sculpting beauty.

I didn't get Wolverine, which while more articulated than previous versions, is more or less just another repaint and I don't need to buy him. Punisher (movie version) would be redundant as well as I have the comic version figure which I prefer anyway. The last is Phoenix... while girl figures have traditionally been horrible to view there was something appealing about this one. Rather than the old hip joints that make all the figures look like wanton sluts when they're placed in sitting position thanks to their legs flaring out to the sides (and how many people gleefully adjusted my shelves of figures to porn positions over the years??) but now ToyBiz has finally given girls the same hip joints as the men. My Rogue figure is a slut, but Jean is prim and perfect.

Lordy lord, I love my toys.

They're very cool. I expect you all to oooh and aaahh over them when you next appear.
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