Friday, July 23, 2004 at 11:27 a.m. |
It's going to be a good joke for me for the next week or so. People will ask what movie Catherine and I went to see last night, and I'll be able to truthfully say Nothing.

It's the new brainchild of former Cube director and stars about two guys who literally hate away existence. Most of the movie takes place with two actors against a perpetually white background. There's nothing ahead, nothing behind, and as a result, comedy ensues.

The house, the turtle, the tinfoil suit all work together to actually tell a decent 90-minute movie. It's not something that you'd expect to see work for so long, but as the two loser-like friends embrace their utopia away from the world that was more than a little cruel to them and they lose a bit of their marbles in the process, you can't help but be morbidly enthralled.

It's a great quirky film, totally original and 100% Canadian. It's like nothing (pardon the pun) you've ever seen before. I can't guarantee multiple viewings, but it's definitely worth checking out.
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