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Truffle silhouetteWe've been putting the camera through its paces over the weekend trying out all of the various features. It's been going quite well, and a few shots are posted here, including Truffle in silhouette (more or less), Catherine on the GO, Paul, and Jamie being very polite.

We spent Saturday at Paul and Victoria's for her 30th birthday. Vicky wanted a games weekend so one was had, and I was up until after 3am playing many games that I will never remember. Well, I did rather like Ticket To Ride, but I've got a thing for trains.

It was a good time, though it was too bad we didn't get to know Vicky's friends better. We had Jamie, a very pregnant Nicole, Josh, Steph, Catherine and myself all mostly huddled together, though Josh and Steph branched out more than the rest.

Too bad Catherine went home early not feeling well. I got up early on Sunday to go home to make sure she was feeling better. Of course, having only had 5 and a half hours sleep, I was a walking zombie until I passed out for an hour around 4:30.

JamieJust to put it out there as part of an official record: I won games. Not just one, but a few of them. Most people said it couldn't be done, and I'm sure there will be more 'Brian Loses' cards in the future, but for now, I stand victorious on the ashes of my enemies.

Apologies to Jamie, Nicole, and Steph who were all still asleep by the time I left around 9:40. I just thought I'd cry having to leave you all again so soon after meeting up, so I figured I'd save face and leave early. Nah, I just wanted to get home to Catherine to make sure she was feeling okay.

In totally unrelated news, I got a rather bizarre email today. I'm used to getting a few requests from the posters at Comixfan, a comic news website to which I am but a figurehead, about how they can post, or complaining about other posters, or asking my opinions on things, and the list goes on.

Just last week one kid (I'm assuming) emailed me and asked me if he could interview me about comics for a project he was working on. I agreed and I answered of his few (but bizarrely technical) questions about the X-Men. That's about it. Mostly harmless.

strange girlToday, however, I got a request from a girl (an actual FEMALE on a comic message board) who was new to the site and wanted to know how she could post images of herself from the Wizard World Philly convention. These kinds of emails I ignore as I'm not a bloody FAQ (in fact, I ignore most tech questions), but she sent me the photos she wanted me to post and I laughed myself silly. Then I called Nathan over who offered a succinct 'WTF'?

This is the strangest CXF email I've ever received and I thought it best to share the photo of this girl as Emma Frost with my three readers.

To those of you who say I'm a geek, at least I only BUY comics, I don't dress as characters in them. If I did, however, I'd want to make sure I could pull it off. This girl is pretty far from pulling it off. Is she using a tablecloth?

I wrote her back and told her to use imageshack if she wanted to post her pictures. I figured I owed her that much for amusing me.
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