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Nathan & Brian - Office Space styleI hate this place.

I really can't stress that enough. It's filled with frustrations, both generated within myself and from outside sources. And yet there's not much I can do about, being a wage slave and wanting so-called "better things" for the future that will be partially funded by my efforts here.

It doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.

Today, for instance, I find myself knee deep in a template change. Every three months or so, we totally revamp the look of our ads (pictures, background, etc.) in a bid to keep our dwindling audience on the hook and entice a few other loveless into our net. It works briefly, sometimes aided by contests that we run.

Nathan and I devised the current one. The premise is simple: give us your best pick-up line, and we'll pick-up the tab. Short and cheesy, we both scoured the net for example lines and put one or two into the contest ad itself. "Your eyes are blue, like the ocean. And baby, I'm lost at sea."

You get the idea. You should have seen some of the ones we didn't pick (but wanted to for our own amusement).

The template change is the greatest amount of work I have to do in this job. The main part is maintenance and upkeep, but changing the entire layout of more than 200 ads is quite a bit of work. It doesn't help that my assistant is getting sloppy in her work, and despite being shown what I want, persists in doing it wrong leaving me to do it anyway. That really makes me angry.

And yet many, including Catherine and Nathan, can't understand WHY it makes me angry. If I hate this place so much, why should it matter how well others do their work? Well, I have this weird pride thing where I feel that if I accept a job I have to perform to my best ability. I hate this place and will likely be quitting sooner than I intended for a long, drawn-out reason that means one of my supervisors is an idiot, but while I'm here I'll do it right.

Need the money, hate the place. Need the money, want my soul to survive. You can't have everything you want.
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