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new cameraSo Catherine and I finally took the plunge that most couples fear to do... after nearly seven years together, we decided last night that it was time to buy a new digital camera.

Hold your congrats until later.

We picked up a Canon Powershot S2 IS after much deliberation, testing, and procrastination. What really cemented it was the fact that the guy at Futureshop took an extra $50 off the already-on-sale price for the camera.

I've attached a link to the online review that we based much of our decisions on. If you're looking to buy a new camera, this site is incredibly helpful as this guy seems to have bought every single camera available on the market, tested it, and revealed the results.

One of the main reasons we bought a new camera was because we're headed to China in a little over a month and we wanted something that would really do well. The camera has a 12x zoom, excellent movie mode, and we bought a 1 gig memory card, up from the 32 mb card we'd been using in Catherine's old camera.

We're quite pleased about it and still figuring out all the little tips and tricks that come with it. The zoom is fantastic, and you can snap photos in black and white, set it for night shooting, fireworks, snow, and more. You can even edit your movies together using the software for your comp or else you can clip movies right on the camera itself.

new cameraIt has also AV outputs, tons of different settings, takes four AA batteries (which we wanted as they're much easier to replace in a pinch) and Catherine's favorite feature is you can set it so that every time you take a picture it barks like a dog. She giggles each time.

We'll likely bring it with us to Paul's on the weekend to give it its first official workout.

I also bought two new pairs of shoes. This is newsworthy because I don't usually do that sort of thing. The last pair I bought was nearly a year ago. I'm awful when it comes to shoes. Thanks to Catherine, though, I'm learning.
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