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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThere are days and weeks when nothing seems to happen, then all of a sudden you find yourself inspired for not one entry, but two or three. Instead, I'll put them all together. None will be included in order of importance, but of the happenstance of random keystrokes.

The first is my little degu, Truffle. As some of you may know, shortly before Christmas Catherine noticed that one of her eyes had turned blood red, so we quickly took her to the vet. The vet passed us on to an eye specialist who told us Truffle had a detached retina, causing the eye to fill up with blood.

What does this mean? According to the vet, not much. Truffle is already blind thanks to cataracts, though you'd never know it to watch her run around on the floor. She's been known to follow Catherine and I around as we go about our business, and sneak into the bedroom if we open the door.

The vet gave us some drops, told us that Truffle didn't even know her eye was off and felt no pain. Y'okay, I guess.

Well, last Thursday, before we headed out to Jamie and Nicole's (for Nic's surprise birthday party that wasn't much of a surprise when it came to our arrival), Truffle's eye turned red again. Not as red as last time, but enough to be noticable. I tried to get the antibiotic drops, but no luck as the eye guy was closed on Fridays. Not very helpful.

So I went and got them on Monday. I was told that since we weren't scheduling another appointment that would cost us more than $300, that these were the last drops we would be given. I assumed they were free, but got charged $40 for a 5ml bottle. I wanted to ask the vet a question, and was told he'd call me the next day.

He did.

"Is this kind of bleeding going to be normal for a detached retina?" I asked.

"I don't know," he replied.

I waited. Rephrased slightly.

"I'm not sure. You'll probably wind up knowing more about degu retinal detachment than I do," he said.

WTF? He's an EYE SPECIALIST and can't tell me if this is common, in degus or in any other creature! Well worth the initial fees, I'm sure. Good lord.

Event the second: we went to see Jamie and Nicole again, as well as their basset hound, Morgan. Cute dog that Catherine seemed to like a great deal, but then again, she has a soft spot for dogs. It was good to see Jamie and Nic (who is now pregnant and an old, OLD, 28 years). Jer, Paul, Vicky, Catherine and I made the trip down.

It was supposed to be a surprise, but Nic's mom, reaching her secrecy limit, spilled the beans with only a couple hours to spare. D'oh well. Still lots of fun, games, chips, and more. We should do it again soon.

Event the third: I got a letter from York University yesterday. This was to let me know that I'd been selected for an interview to determine if they want me in their teacher's college program. This would be exceptional news if I got in, and is a solid indicator that I'm being considered. I imagine many applicants won't get an offer for an interview at all. So long as I don't mention a blow-up doll, I figure I'm solid. Or at least at this point I know I've got a fighting chance.

And that makes me happy.

PS. Tivo is still my master. Catherine actually said at one point "I don't feel like doing anything this weekend. I just want to spend time with Tivo."

I've been replaced.
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