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This blog is quickly becoming a post for all of my geek interests and loves from a television landscape that offers little in terms of the kind of quality programming we've been exposed to in the past.

Hence, the return of Quantum Leap. Long has this been one of my favorite shows and it is my own personal white whale. When the final episode originally aired, my father forgot to tape it despite he and I sitting down to watch it together every week for years. I was quite devastated.

When it subsequently aired on SPACE a couple of years ago, I was once again diligent in trying to track down that episode. The night it aired, the VCR screwed up and once again I missed out. After that, SPACE aired the show randomly which killed any chance I had at seeing that episode.

I've still never seen it.

I'm getting closer, though. I picked up season 2 used a couple of months ago, and Catherine bought me the first season just last week. Yesterday I lucked out and found season 3 used. They have yet to release the final two seasons, but barring an act of God, I think I may eventually get to see that episode.

It may not seem like a big deal to any of you, but this was a huge thing for me.

Other than that, I had a good weekend away at Guelph with my stunning girlfriend. We went to J.P.'s (Bern's son) wedding, enjoyed some pool time with my brother, Graydon, and a short visit to Brantford. I love getting away for the weekend as it just lets you recharge a little. We borrowed my mom's car, and she got the use of our apartment.

A nice trade, all in all.

Tonight, I'll go to karate and watch more Quantum Leap. I've decided to go to teacher's college as well, so I should do some research. Catherine freaked me out earlier today in regards to teachables, and while I still qualify, I'm now paranoid.

But I wouldn't be me without a little daily fear about the future.
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