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By the time Friday arrives, everyone in my office (including myself) are so sapped of any desire to do work that it descends into a farcical tribute to the great office comedies of our generation like Office Space and the BBC's brilliant work, The Office.

I'm aware that I used the word "office" entirely too many times in that sentence.

So far today, I've managed to do most of my work. I have no idea how this happened. It's kind of like when you're driving and all of a sudden you arrive at your destination, but have no idea how you got there. In my opinion, that's when you're driving your best. You're not overly aware of your actions, and yet your responses are smooth and even. And hey, maybe you figured out some new way to make french fries while you weren't paying attention to the road.

That's what this job is like, but all the time. If you pay attention to what you're doing (in my case, personal ads, which elicits grins and laughter from anyone who finds out what I do), you'll go insane. Who cares about the 200 lb. woman who's favorite activity is going to a carnival? Or the ad by a woman named Victoria Secretion? (That one got edited out, by the way).

Long story short, this job will kill you if you don't have fun.

So, today I have done the following:

1. Checked message boards from other Serenity movie-goers to try and get extra tickets.
2. Played balloon volleyball with Bill who works on the other side of my desk wall.
3. Made fun of Colleen for wanting to bring cupcakes for another co-worker, Li, who's birthday is on Monday.
4. Made fun of Li for buying pants to go with her new bicycle.
5. Misinterpreted a t-shirt. Nathan did the same thing. That made it okay.
6. Planned a work birthday party.
7. Listened to the Coldplay album.
8. Watched some C.S.I.
9. Visited my websites, which include, Whedonesque, Coming Soon, Penny Arcade, and more.
10. Had lunch.
11. Went to Harvey's to get out for a little.
12. Read the newspaper.
13. Talked quite a bit.
14. Have done some work. Almost all of it, in fact.

Interesting, don't you think?

I think jobs are best served by those who either truly love what they're doing, are addicted to money, or have the ability to turn their brains off. I only wish mine could get cable in this near vegetative state.

My chair is uncomfortable and it gives me daily back pains. Last night, my neck bothered me. I mentioned this several times, and not once did Catherine offer to massage it. I've dumped her for it.

I took her back when she bought me dinner. Life has a way of working things out.

Back to work (*snicker*).
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