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I toyed quite a bit with putting up a letter of reference that my friend, the psychiatrist, accidently left in an envelope of work I have to do today. I'm fairly sure this letter was intended to be mailed or faxed over to an organization which enables me to work for the psychiatrist legally but it wound up in my hands and I, well, read it.

What would you have done?

There's nothing negative in it at all. In many ways, it's quite flattering to have, in print, a list of your virtues (though thankfully none of my many faults). By the end of the letter, I wound up feeling better about myself and my ongoing search than I have in quite some time.

It's amazing what a few kind words can do. It wasn't about "getting the job I was meant for" or even "finding the good in what I have" it was just about the fact that he thinks I'm a good person.

I won't quote the whole thing, but I will include one small part:

"Brian is kind and caring and has a great capacity for emapthy. He relates very well to adults and children and is compassionate to those in distress. He can set limits when needed. He is advanced in his years in terms of maturity but youthful in enthusiasm."

That quote makes me feel like a better person. I hope all of it is true, but the only way I can prove it is to try every day to be the man that he's talking about.
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