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Sometimes that's what life feels like. One large, unending trial. The kind that you face every time you get changed for gym in high school.

Last night I met with a couple of journalists currently working in the industry to get some perspective on my job search, perhaps a couple of contacts, and potentially even some leads towards new jobs. I left with, at the very least, the promise of some minor freelance work.

It's not much, but it's something in the right direction. They kept going on about how freelance is really the key to getting your start in this business. It gets you contacts, clippings, and familiarity. The only problem is that I can't live off the haphazard way that freelance pays a newbie journalist. If I sold three stories in a month, I'd make maybe $500 or $600 dollars. It's just not realistic.

That, and I refuse to believe that I, unlike many of my college peers who got full-time jobs here in Toronto since graduating, have to go through the freelance process in order to break in. It seems like madness. It's an option, and certainly one worth exploring as a part time option, but dammit, I just want my job.

I hate jumping through hoops. To be honest, I'd probably have left the city by now if it weren't for how much I love Catherine. She has an amazing job here, and as such, we can afford to stay here whether I have a job or not. Right now the only discomfort in my life is the lack of a satisfying day job. That's it.

So, the search continues. I'll keep plugging at it and sooner or later something will happen.

I just hope it isn't me going crazy.
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