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I thought for sure I was going to be cursed to continually move throughout life constantly missing friends and loved ones. Each time a major event occurred, I invariably left someone behind or went to the same place as one friend only to have them move just before I got there.

It was quite frustrating.

All that ended this week. I busted my ass yesterday helping Jer and Aaron move into their spacious new digs on Bathurst. There were a few hitches (there always are) but they're in, safe, and hopefully quite happy in their love-nest.

The main hitch came when the elevator broke and Aaron and I waited four hours in the lobby for it to get fixed. We were dumb enough to try and move the heaviest item, a dresser, up six flights of stairs in the meantime. Let me give you advice: DON'T DO THAT. Whatever you do, for the love of mike, don't do that.

But, I digest. It's all done. They're in. Phone should be up on Friday, meantime if you have a message you can try email or else give me a shout and I'll be sure to pass it on. I'm sure Jer has sweet-talked most of the women in the building by now, so this mainly applies to friends of Aaron.

Later today they're off to Humber for an orientation (I'm going with them on separate business) and then back home. I'm trying to convince them to see Dodgeball at the Bloor with me. It's only $3.50 and I'd pay twice that to see Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn hurl their balls into each other's faces.

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