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There's nothing worse than feeling like an idiot, especially if you don't think you've behaved that way or done anything to earn the name. Lately, my life seems to be about making a complete idiot out of myself.

Nothing terminal has happened, really. Just minor things. Take today, Mark Millar, writer of books like Wolverine and the Ultimates, passed along a first issue preview of his new arc on Wolverine for us to post and write about. The natural assumption of the leading members of the CXF website was that we were to publish these pages and write a review to go along with.

So I did that.

Turns out, that saying 'first look', 'preview' and all other words are code for don't publish any of this, just write a review. Things would have been a lot simpler, and a lot faster, had the instructions and request been much more clear. As a result, yours truly looks like a dumbass.

But I get that enough anyway that it doesn't come as a huge shock. I've recently irritated Erik Ko over at UDON, other Marvel-ites, the CXF staff, myself due to the ongoing and fruitless job search, and I'm sure Catherine, Aaron and Jer who have nothing better to do (in my limited vision) than listen to me complain non-stop.

I'm sure they're thrilled.

Add in a bit of frustration over how Ron is handling this WHA magazine and that any attempts to reason with him is like trying to teach physics to a banana. At this point I'm reasonably sure you'd have more luck with the banana.

Other frustrations this week:

* Couldn't get the Clerks X dvd... because because BECAUSE... it's on a different schedule for release here in Canada. There's no explanation for why this would be as I can't think of any other time this has happened. Oh well, I really should be using the money to buy my helmet for karate.

* Truffle still hasn't bothered to start pooping properly and Catherine and I are sitting on the fence on the issue of the vet. We both believe that there's nothing that can really be done except to wait it out. Two weeks and change in, though, makes Brian a nervous puppy.

The list could go on and on, but really, who's going to bother reading it? I was bored in typing it.
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