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Thanks to all of you who sent messages or called about Rooter. It means more to me than you know to have friends that care and understand so much. I'm still having a bit of trouble, but hopefully the most painful of the grief is behind me. I still worry about Truffle who is showing a sign or two of stress and being sad, but we play with her every day for at least half an hour out of the cage.

These days I'm doing my best to keep busy. I had the huge comic convention here in Toronto to go to which was a great chance to catch up with old friends and maintain those all-too important contacts. My friend Nick and I covered it quite nicely, but the benefits of which will go to the new comic-bent site we're creating called The 7th Parallel. Designed to be a closer, more in-depth look at the industry and things surrounding it (ala Star Trek, Star Wars, etc) the site aims not to be the leading news site, but the leading features site, interviews site, and commentary. This is an honest-to-god start up Canadian publication so as long as we survive year 1 we'll be eligible for a bit of funding in year two.

We have a nice assortment of interviews done for it as well. Michael Dorn and LeVar Burton from Star Trek: The Next Generation, George Takei from Star Trek, Julie Benz from Angel, Mercedes McNab from Buffy, Robia LaMorte from Buffy, John Kassir from Tales from the Crypt, Peter Mayhew from Star Wars, George Romero from Dawn of the Dead, Anthony Montgomery from Star Trek: Enterprise, Joe Quesada the Marvel EIC, Frank Tieri from Weapon X and a whole bunch more.

Not a bad start.

We've also been told that we're the official magazine of the World Hockey Association. What that means at this point is beyond me in terms of a dollar value, but it gets us much-needed experience on the playing field. The league is small at this point, but we're looking at creating at least 3 issues which will hopefully catch on. It can't hurt, at any rate.

All of this must sound marvelous, but I'm still broke (or close to it). Send money. Seriously, though, the job hunt continues with my frustration increasing daily. Catherine's too, because she has to listen to me complain.

Overall, I suppose I'm doing okay though I still feel a little lost within myself after Rooter passed. Part of me wants to move on, be successful and live happily, the other half wants me to crawl into a deep, dark hole.

I'm working on it. Promise.
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