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Lordy lord how I hate the extra pounds that have attached themselves to my frame. It's been an ongoing battle for about five years now, ever since I began working at Biva's Esso in Guelph long ago. See, the problem was that a bevy of snack foods were available and I had no self-discipline.

So the weight began to add on. With stresses from school, lots of life changes and a few other things I found myself gaining pound after pound. At this point, I'm about 30 pounds over what my target weight is.


I've been doing a lot to try and curb my weight this past year but it's mostly been ineffective or not as effective as I would have liked. I was working out three times a week and I currently go to karate three times a week for an hour and a half a pop. I work hard, sweat much, yet the weight remains or disappears too slowly.

I've come to the unescapable conclusion that it's my diet which is to blame. I've heard books like the South Beach Diet are quite good at getting you on the right path and the sleeve assures its readers that while they suffer for the first two weeks, at least 8 to 13 pounds will magically disappear from their bodies. Hell, that's close to half what I need in one push and when you add on the exercise...

Book here I come. My physical efforts have been strong, lets see how the mental ones do.

Why do I want pizza already?
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