Catherine and I went to a midnight showing last night. Though I hate Toronto prices at $30 for the two of us, I must say that this is one of those few movies worth that price.

Seriously, being an uber-spider fan I had high hopes and I was worried that I'd be left feeling cold. I had memories of Batman and Superman sequels where the villains went over-the-top, the costumes sucked and lights went all wonky.

This is not that movie.

From the start Sam Raimi shows that he hasn't lost his love or affection for the characters who take center stage. Fittingly so, as it's Peter Parker audiences are more interested in than Spider-Man. While the fights between Doc Ock and Spidey are brilliant, it's Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Harry and Aunt May that make this movie worth watching.

Alfred Molina is a much better villain than Willem Dafoe. In the first movie, Dafoe goes with the assumption that he has to be a little larger than life which made sense given that his face was often covered by a mask. With Molina's face out in the open for the film he's able to put more heart into Otto than even the comics have managed. It makes for a more tragic villain and a more interesting confrontation.

That's not to say that Dafoe's impact isn't felt in this film. The Green Goblin is never as far away as you may think...

Still, Bruce Campbell does his bit for the film, and J.Jonah Jameson steals every scene he's in. I realize that as a comic fan I'm a bit biased towards liking this movie, but as a fan who watches everything with an eagle eye I have to say I wasn't disappointed at all.

Make sure you see it at least two or three times.

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