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This will be the fourth or fifth graduation that I'll have attended in my short 26 years. God, am I that old already?

Yet tomorrow means about as much to me as my university graduation did. In terms of getting a diploma, degree, or whatever, it's just a piece of paper and an excuse to get together and hang out. For my english degree, I didn't feel the need to leave my summer home in Jasper, Alberta to come back to see people I barely knew.

Tomorrow is a bit different. Journalism at Humber was one of the best things to happen to me, personally and creatively. I made a lot of great friends, picked up an amazing assortment of skills, and put myself on track to something I hope will be a successful career.

First I have to stop interning for free.

Still, I can't complain. The only thing I don't really like about tomorrow is that Pushee won't be there. He's currently in Spain or some such area with Nick having the time of his life. Though I don't think he's picking up any women. Knowing Push, he's probably just admiring them from afar.

Tonight is just another night as tomorrow is just another day. Except that I won't be going to work, but back to Humber to network and 'graduate'. Honestly, it's the people I'm going for, not the piece of paper. That means less than nothing to me. The magazine I made, the friends that came with it, that's what I'm celebrating tomorrow and for the time being at least, what I'm leaving behind.

On the movie front, I went to a press screening for Two Brothers tonight. It's about twin tiger cubs who are separated when they're very young and meet up again years later when they're forced to fight one another. Sounds silly in a sentence, but the movie latched on my heart as much as my time. It's well worth checking out if you have a bit of spare change.

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