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So, weird things happen, right? It's the staple of life that no matter how much you think you know or how in control of things you think you are, something inevitably comes along to challenge those perceptions then laugh in your face.

David ran into something like that last week. Catherine's brother, whom many of you know to be an original person in many ways, got an interesting package in the mail. It was addressed neatly to him and he didn't think much of it.

Until he opened it.

Inside was a lot of bubble wrap and a small naked doll. There was a note that read "Corinna's things are in the observation booth. Thanks, Cam." David knows neither of these things and thought it best to keep the whole package in the freezer "just in case."

My brush with oddness came tonight while Catherine and I were watching season 4 of Buffy. For some reason or another, the disc started to jam and the show went very jerky. It happens rarely when a disc is dirty or something, and given that it's a rental I'm sure it's got one or two scratches on it.

Still, after nearly 10 minutes of this crap and trying to fast forward or skip the chapter, the screen froze once more but this time...

I'm still a little fucked up about it.

At the bottom of the screen the words "FIX ME." appeared. No joke, deadly serious. My player was crying out for help. Now I've had this thing for nearly five years and it has NEVER done this. I do have subtitle options which weren't engaged at all and didn't fit the plot anyway.

I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for it, but all Catherine and I could do was stare at the thing with a shocked silence. I tried to engage it in casual conversation, politely asking what there was I could do to help.

No answer.

The disc started playing properly again shortly after, but it's been more than an hour since then and all I can think is "that's really fucked up."

Don't you think?

PS. David found out who sent the package. It's a server he's familiar with at East Side Mario's. I don't know how he knows this girl or why she would do this, but I found it funny then and continue to do so now.
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