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"It's all I know/
This empty road

Keeps me lookin' for a place in your heart
Keeps me lookin' for a place in your heart

It's all I know"

One of the great things about interning at a weekly mag and making semi-decent friends with the people who work there are that a few perks are involved.

Today, for instance, the music editor took pity on me and handed me Matthew Good's new album, White Light Rock & Roll Review to keep a full week before it's due out in stores.


He had previously let me borrow it to listen to here in the office. When he handed it to me today it was because I was much more "fanboy" about Matt than he was. I can live with that.

The album is a straight-forward rock offering with a touch of country flavour. The rock hits hard on "Alert Status Red" with loud guitars, easy refrains, and a solid vocal performance. It's easy to see why this is the leading single, though "Put Out Your Lights" makes a solid entry to the record.

Slowing things down with a country twang are "Empty Road" and the hidden track at the end of the album. These are the kinds of things that I love Matt for when he gets a bit slower and more into the sounds he's creating than a mixture of noise and fury. "Been A While Since I Was Your Man" is another great example of this.

"Buffalo Seven" is on track to being the next single (or at least one of the singles) from this album. Unlike the prevous album, Avalanche, where the guitars and radio friendly songs were missing, this album delivers in full force. Matt Good may not have matured, but he's gotten back to his roots and seen the white light.

The title may refer to his own career and the need to express himself however he feels. It's what he's done so far to amazing results. It's no wonder Matthew Good is one of my favorite musical artists.

If you're interested in good, solid, classic Matt Good... check out previous offerings The Audio of Being and Beautiful Midnight.
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