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Image Hosted by Variant cover from Spider-Man: The Other, BELOW: Iron Spidey costume sketch). Since it has already been brought to my attention more than once, I figured I'd chime in on Spider-Man's supposedly 'new' costume from Marvel. It's ugly. Yet in some ways, I find it cool.

I can imagine that Toy Biz, the company responsible for making Marvel Legends figures, had a moment of bliss when this image was released because they're brainstorming a way to make yet another useless Spider-Man figure. Apparently, Toy Biz, in order to make their toys as marketable as possible, must include a Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Iron Man in each wave of its figures in order to entice retailers.

That's probably the only way that b-characters are going to make their way through.

At any rate, Spider-Armour guy is going to follow Marvel's 'The Other' crossover which I know absolutely nothing about. What I do know about, however, are trends. This will quickly grow tired and the costume will be dropped, most likely close to the start of the next movie as the iconic version is the one that sells the best.

Designed by Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada, this new design has a few tricks up its sleeve.

"The Iron Spider design - as I like to call it - came to me during a Spider-Man story meeting we were having, we were talking and I was involuntarily sketching on a pad. It's inspired by a sketch that Chris Bachalo did that showed a new Spidey costume with [CLASSIFIED]. I thought that was brilliant, especially since it echoed one of Spidey's greatest villains, and I took the idea and imagined it as though seeing it through the eyes of Tony Stark. The sky's the limit with respect to gadgetry when it comes to Tony inspired costumes."

Still, it's an interesting short-term look.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMarvel on the whole is a strange place these days. For years I wanted to get in there as an intern or editor in the aim of making myself a writer. This has not happened yet, but I'm working on getting more writing credits. The other two aspects, however, just don't hold the same appeal.

I'm finding that to be true for a lot of things lately, such as journalism. Maybe it's just life and experience, but nothing other than teaching seems to be holding my interest lately. Maybe it's working in an office that doesn't value you very much or figuring out that it's not the office that's messed up, but the whole system of working in the first place.

Nothing I can do except keep looking and keep trying. At least I'll have a new Spider-Man figure to tide me over.

PS. The Tivo has dropped in Buffalo. I might get it tomorrow, or early next week. It depends on my co-worker and whether she can come or not.

I'm not very patient.
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