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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThat's what this blog seems like sometimes. Either I'm posting every day, or there's nearly a week in between posts. I blame it on a lack of an interesting existence. Though I'm acutely aware that I have all of my friends and family out there to service. All of you who don't call.

I don't call either. But I have a reason: I'm lazy.

So, this is an expensive week in the Gerow-Wilkinson household. Despite my pessimistic attitude, it seems that Catherine and I are indeed goin to China this July for a three-week stint, where we will meet up with Catherine's brother, David.

We booked it and everything. Catherine, of course, gets the window seat. Fine my me, as on a 13 hour flight I'm happy to have the aisle to stretch my legs out a little. This means weeks of prep, light packing, needles, passports, and lots of other insane bits. Thankfully David went through all of this last year, so we know what to expect. And we have 6 months to prepare.

Catherine is using up all of her holidays at once for this, but since I only get two weeks vacation... who knows what will happen. I'm hoping to be going to teacher's college in September, so this might be a good time to leave my job. God help me if I don't get in.

Very excited about the trip though. Catherine's even more hyper, as she's hoping to get to hold a panda. She's obsessed, really. She got a panda mousepad (which sucks as a mousepad), so she's using it as a picture on her desk at work. I seriously doubt she has one of me at her job. I have one of her, though, so I'm the more dedicated partner in the relationship.

Other than that, TIVO is supposed to arrive today. In fact, it's en route. I can smell it. Or maybe that's Nathan. Full TIVO review tomorrow!
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