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Weird to be done everything, now that the moment is finally here. Well, technically the moment arrived last Thursday after I wrapped up my internship at Northview and dropped off my final papers at OISE.

I'm done. Ca y est. I'm a teacher now.

That's a very odd sentence to type but as the year has gone on that has felt like less and less of an odd thing to have become. In many ways, it feels totally natural. I feel a zen-like calmness in front of the classroom and I have an ability to put my students totally at ease. It's a good feeling.

However, having all of this sudden free time forced upon me does not feel good. Don't think I'm complaining about having free time, because that isn't it. The problem is that I don't have a job yet. It's the giant vacuum of nothingness in front of me that has me a bit down this week. Many of us have faced this before when we finished school.

I'm hopeful that I'll get a job soon enough, however. Maybe I'm even more than hopeful. I feel a strange certainty that things are just going to happen for me sooner rather than later. I felt this before I even got into teacher's college and it's the same now. Maybe it's the horseshoes that Paul claims I have shoved up my ass.

Still, that means that I'm almost certainly always up for StarCraft, I will almost always say "yes, I saw that movie" and I will almost certainly be getting my drink on during school nights.

In other words, please call me as I'm getting lonely. Aaron, this means you.
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