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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usNOW I'm tired. Catherine and I just got back from an exhausting two week vacation that took us to her family in Brantford and then all the way to New York City. It was a ton of fun that only became a bit unpleasant towards the end when both Catherine and I caught colds in New York.

That's right: colds. In August. On vacation.

Catherine is particularly upset about this turn of events because she hasn't been sick in nearly a year. She believes this is due to her frequent hand washing. It sounds less crazy when you talk to her and you can't really ignore the results.

It was a great trip, though. Got to see the sights, walk around Time's Square, and I even got to buy new toys. I've been very spoiled lately considering I picked up some new Transformers Animated figures, two seasons of Quantum Leap, and various other things. Now if I can only convince Catherine to let me buy the new Rock Band drums, I think we'd be set.

I have to admit that having summer's off is a pretty sweet deal. It was the carrot at the end of the stick I'd been dangling in front of myself all year, especially during times when I didn't think I was going to make it. But as things got easier and summer came closer, I held on. I'm really glad that I did as well. That isn't to say that I'm completely anxiety-free about the whole thing as the new school year is just around the bend and I'm as wary as ever. It's not the job per-se, just the level of commitment up front. Having done it for a year so far, I'm good to go. Nicole promised me that it only gets easier. She may have been lying.

I realized the other day that I only have three weeks vacation left of summer. Then I got hit for using the word "only" in relation to three weeks vacation, considering that's how much Catherine gets off all year. I can't help it, though. I'm greedy for downtime. How else am I supposed to be able to beat all my video games?

For now, I'll simply think fondly of New York. We had a tiny hotel room, ate food from a nearby restaurant called 'Hot 'n Crusty' (jokes were made, I assure you), saw a naked cowboy in Time's Square, walked across the Brooklyn bridge, went to Harlem, SoHo, took the Staten Island Ferry, and had amazing milkshakes from Burger Heaven.Image Hosted by
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