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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI haven't written anything here in more than a week, despite the many things that I found I had to blog about. Partly I was busy, partly I was stressed. Mostly, I think, I'm just avoiding things.

This is a period of big changes and not just for me. Jer and Meg have a new home together, Nicole and Jamie are parents now to little Isabel, Aaron is the EIC of the Ontarion, my dad just retired, my brother is losing his job, David is getting set up in Guelph and much more.

It all seems to be coming down to the wire. Faster and swifter than I would have imagined after months of counting down the days, today is my final day at FMG. I thought I'd be a lot more happy and giddy after the various struggles I had, particularly early on in my career here.

But I'm actually sad. I cleaned out my desk, gave Nathan a present and have been wearing a foam piece of cheese that Nathan brought home for me after his trip to Wiconsin for a baseball game. No one here seems to find this terribly odd. I take that as a compliment.

Earlier this week, my co-workers took me out for lunch to Jack Astor's. More than a dozen people showed up and that doesn't include the six or seven who couldn't make it. Whether I wanted to realize it or not, I made a lot of friends here. The job had become unsatsifying creatively, but I can't deny that it changed me. Gave me more skills, both professionally and in terms of office politics, that I can see myself using in the future. This job was far from a waste of my time though the moment for change has finally come.

All my work is done. There's a company barbecue today and maybe Nate will even drive me out to Toys R Us.

I started teacher's college yesterday. It was just an orientation, but I like the fact that it overlapped by a day with my job. Out with one, in with another. I have Mondays and Wednesdays off until mid-October at school. After the 9-5, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself.

But it's time to find out. I waited long enough. I've been patient.

All good things (or in this case, so-so) must come to an end.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI feel like I should tell someone to make sure to feed and water Nathan. I'm going to miss him most of all. Five days a week sitting next to each other and he's become one of my best friends. He's a good man who helped me a lot and has been a good friend. I hope that I get to see him as often as possible. We'll go see the Blue Jays.

In the cheap seats. Nate'll hate that, which in turn, will amuse me.

And that's it.

I've conquered my past,
The future is here at last.
I stand at the entrance
To a new world I can see.

LAST actual day at work.
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