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It's funny, but for a place that I hate working at so much, there are a lot of amusing bits that come out of it.

Yesterday, for instance, had this gem:

We've been dealing a bit with that ridiculous Nigerian email scam, except our members try to lure other members (quite successfully) into this scam. I laugh at the people who complain because they're quite clearly idiots who will believe anything.

At any rate, one co-worker decided she was going to fight the threat head on. She wanted to send out an email to the tens of thousands of people using our system warning them of the problem. She'd been doing some research on fraud and came across one website that had a handy slogan for detecting and avoiding the problem.

"I really like this slogan," she said.

The rest of us blink and kind of ignore her. "Brian," she asks, do you think it'd be a big deal if we used this? Would it be a problem?"

"I'm sure it would be," I said.

"You think it's a big deal to steal this?" she asked.

"So let me get this straight," I said. "Your solution to fighting fraud is to commit plagiarism?"

Co-worker, take a bow.
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