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Just... wow. Now I think I've seen it all. This goes above and beyond anything absurd or ridiculous that I think I've encountered in a good long while.

This is just one in a series of videos featuring "real" performers singing nursery rhyme songs. Released on a DVD called Mother Goose Rocks, you have to promise to wait until other 'guest' singers begin to appear in order to get the full flavour.

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Click here to see the video.

“The newly-released DVD is a series of animated music videos introducing children to a diverse and timely set of music genres like alternative rock, country, techno, pop and R&B with the safety of familiar G-rated nursery rhyme lyrics,” explains Richard Snee, President of Boffomedia, and Mother Goose Rocks!, producer. “Very hip, very safe, very funny, and great for the whole family.”

Please comment. Comment often. We'll gather here soon after and shield ourselves from the growing insanity of the world outside.
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I'm Huge Editorial Director said...

That doesn't look a thing like Adam.

1:49 p.m.  
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