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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI find myself totally powerless when it comes to dealing with the Wii's online virtual console. The ability to download the games of yesteryear is proving too much like gaming crack to resist.

I'd previously picked up classics like Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo along with Super Mario Bros. for the original Nintendo. Then the avalanche started. Last week it was Super Castlevania IV and now I've added Contra III: The Alien Wars and Mario Kart 64 to my growing list.

I just can't stop myself.

I think Catherine is infected with the bug as well. Though she could care less about Contra, she actually used the word 'exciting' when I told her I downloaded Mario Kart 64. I think she's becoming a Wii-zombie.

Add to the fact that a fun weekend at Paul and Vicky's new house (which is quite cool and the 70s basement is a must-keep) included a ton of Wii playing along with board games and it seems I just can't escape this thing.

That, and television. 24 is on tonight. Anyone else want to see Jack Bauer's murder another man with his mouth? That was some wild stuff.

I'm going to go play Contra. Then clean the apartment before Catherine gets home. But first, I must play. MUST.

PS. Up for consumption at Random Changes is Civil War Frontline #3. Look for a new part of Civil War to show up every day.

Here's the full checklist for what is available:
Civil War #1
Civil War #2
Civil War Frontline #1
New Avengers #21
Amazing Spider-Man #533
Civil War Frontline #2
NEW: Civil War Frontline #3
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Jer said...

Some of the ideas they're using to tell the Civil War story are interesting, but I have to say I think the bulk of the writing is awful.

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