Tuesday, December 13, 2005 at 4:16 p.m. |
On the one hand, I feel guilty making fun of a co-worker, especially since she took us out for lunch today, gave us a Christmas card, and a scratch ticket (I won $4).

On the other hand, this is just too damn funny.

I overhead a co-worker pitching our ads to a potential new client, and she said if you don't want our personals ad, we can send you a remnant ad instead.

A remnant ad is nothing more than a small box or even just a line of text that gets put in if there's a bit of space left over after the paid advertising has been put in the paper. It's a nothing ad and just filler.

I told the co-worker not to pitch those to publishers as it sounds like she's asking them to put garbage in their papers. I had to explain, using visual aids, what I meant before she understood.

I said "remnant just means 'left over.'"

She said "Oh well, I didn't know. My Latin's not that good."

Nathan and Sandy nearly had a heart attack from laughing so hard.
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