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Aaron has requested a new blog entry, and seeing as how it seems an impossible task to connect with him by phone, I decided to speak with him through my blog.

"Hi, how are you?"


"What's wrong? Not talking to me?"


"Fine, be that way. Things are okay with me (aside from the normal level of bullshit... oh hell, it's all going down the tubes."


"What, life is all roses for you?"


"Stop being a dick and talk to me."


"Fine. Bite me."

And that's that. Wow, I enjoyed that, but Aaron didn't put up as much of a talk as I would have liked.

In unrelated news, my work continues to be a steaming pile of shit comparable to a night where you get rabies and die slowly and painfully. It's like that.

No new jobs have been applied for as no new jobs have been posted. It's a vicious cycle. At this point, the only good thing on the horizon is Jer's cottage and a camping trip, both of which should take my mind off of things. Of course, if this doesn't happen soon, then I expect Catherine will kill me for being in a sour mood all the time.

Marvel Legends 10 is out soon, though. It's the one where you can build a Sentinel out of pieces packaged with the figures. I'm looking forward to this. Catherine is not. She calls it 'clutter.'

But as I wear the pants, I'll buy what I like.

If you're reading this, Catherine, I didn't mean that. Don't take away my toys.
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Aaron said...


6:22 p.m.  
Brian said...

yes, I thought it amusing as well.

10:41 p.m.  
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