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bad jobI was watching a commercial last night with Catherine that featured a series of people finding notes in their briefcases, drawers, and other assorted places. They all had dates written on them: 14 days, 2 days, tomorrow, etc. The end of the commercial asked "when is your quit date?" and I almost joyously shouted out September as that's when I'm finished with this job.

Then I realized it was for smoking. I swear I thought it was a career-change website or insurance company.

That doesn't change the fact that I'm leaving soon, though. One of the things I've learned is that gaining experience isn't always a quick and easy process. Sometimes you have to dig in and DO it whether you want to or not. Sometimes you need to feed your family, but you do all the work so that later on you can feed your soul.

Two years ago I had to quit my internship at eye weekly, because Catherine and I were on the verge of being totally broke. I was ready to get a job at Blockbuster or the equivalent simply to keep us afloat. I knew I was 'better' than that, but there is nothing wrong or shameful about looking after your family. Luckily, Catherine got her current job which she loves which gave me the time to find something really good for myself.

I got this job instead.

A bad job isn't a permanent situation nor is it something to feel bad about. This job has given me the chance to go to school to do something I really want to do. It's put a roof over my head, given me a chance to go to China, buy clothes and other stupid things that people with a bit of money can do.

I'm not rich, far from it, but I'm better off for this place, despite it being a creation from Satan's bowels.

At least I don't have to worry about money. Not for the time being, anyway. That will come in September once I'm back in school. But we're prepared for it. I think.

Oh yeah, I've been playing with our new digital camera and the macro settings. Truffle here can fit easily into my cupped hands, but I shoved the camera right in her face (she didn't like it that much) and took this picture. Unedited, it totally fills the screen both at home and at work making it an intimidating, yet cuddly, wallpaper.

And the ass job gave me the means to make it.

HUGE Truffle

77 days left. 38 of those are actual days at work.
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