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I keep intending to update this blog on a daily basis, and even encounter everyday situations that I think would make for interesting reading.

In order to keep the dozen or so of you who read this interested (I'm likely flattering myself), here is a bullet-point list of items that I intend to eventually cover:

1. My new assistant. I've decided to call her Tribbles after the furry little creatures on Star Trek who squeak loudly, cause havoc, and gum up any and all machinery. She is trouble on an epic scale and I want to choke her.

But she's a NICE person.

2. My trip to the CNE (part 2). Part 1 (something not covered here) is largely uninteresting, though why I went back and the events of that trip are mildly entertaining. Parades, car accidents, and foreigners. FUN!

3. Smallville. I've been watching this show a lot, and though I frequently call out for the deaths of some characters, I am compelled to watch. I'm currently stuck in season 3.

4. Free video games. All Marvel related, all within a month, three great games to take me away from Catherine.

5. Whatever I've forgotten that was interesting a few minutes ago. I'm sick right now and as such can't remember beyond the past few minutes. The good news is that it makes the day go by quickly, the bad news is that I'm still at this job.

So, tuck yourselves in and get ready for a rant-o-rama. It seems to be all that I do lately. Several people have mentioned this, and I'd like to curb my complaints, but otherwise I think the world is out to get me.

So I'm watching you. Yes, YOU.
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Anonymous said...

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1:40 p.m.  
I'm Huge Editorial Director said...

Great spam Anonymous, come check out my fat cock. Whether you're a bot or a human being, either way you can suck it!

2:39 p.m.  
Robyn said...

Um, no.
(Feel better, Brian).

12:20 a.m.  
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